Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There is more trouble in Jos

There is more trouble in Jos - a bomb planted in a Pentecostal church was found and did not go off but one being taken to an ECWA church went off en route - it was being taken on a bike....

Political rally was to take place so tensions running high and trouble started. Security forces out firing live bullets and using tear gas. Shops are closed.



Blogger Owlb said...

Deeply saddening. Especially since there are some reformational thinkers and explorers in Nigeria. Awful to have read your report on the Fulani gone amok -- with seeming impunity! This case reminds me of a movie or two about the troubles in Northern Ireland, where IRA types pedalled about with explosives in their bike baskets. The Queen's Isles have exerienced what the Nigerians are going thru, again. Help us, please, Lord!

3:34 am  

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