Saturday, March 12, 2011

Census 2011

I have been filling in the form which is a testimony to our over intrusive government which has no sense of history. I had to answer 56 questions, the others in the household, 42 each. One hundred years ago my great grandfather had to answer 12 questions on behalf of each person resident on April 2nd 1911. In 1911 there was a head of the family. Now I am merely a householder. In 1911 the census asked five questions I do not have to answer. In 2011 the state is not bothered how many years I have been married, how many children we have had born alive, how many live and how many died. Nor is the state interested to know my place of birth. Come 2111 my great grandchildren will learn a lot about how we live now but any genealogical research will be hindered by the questions that were not asked in 2011 but were in 1911. This census is for the government and the employment of more civil servants. It is not in the real interest of future generations.

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