Wednesday, September 08, 2010

USA President To Terry Jones: Cancel Planned Quran Burning Sept. 11

Open Doors USA President To Terry Jones: Cancel Planned Quran Burning Sept. 11
Event Could Result in Increase of Persecution Against Christians in Muslim-Dominated Countries

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SANTA ANA, CA (ANS) -- Over the weekend, angry crowds in Kabul, Afghanistan and Jakarta, Indonesia protested and threatened retaliation if the non-denominational Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla. goes through with its plans to publicly burn the Quran on Saturday.
Reaction to the possible burning of the Muslim holy book on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 Muslim terrorist attacks on America could unleash worldwide rage – directed not only at the United States and its troops overseas but also Christians, especially those living in Muslim-dominated countries.
Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller says: “The planned burning of the Quran is a disaster on two fronts: It violates the command of Jesus to love our neighbor and it would likely cause Christians worldwide to be more vilified and persecuted.”
Moeller says a possible Muslim backlash would probably focus on Christians living in predominately Muslim countries who already are caught in the crossfire, including those who have converted from Islam to Christianity.
“The burning of Qurans will only confirm what many Muslims believe – that Christians hate Muslims. That is exactly the opposite message we as Christians want to send.
“I urge the Dove World Outreach Center and its senior pastor, Terry Jones, to cancel the event. Hate is not biblical; it is not the message of Jesus.”
This morning Jones told CNN that the church is “weighing” its intentions after learning that the “International Burn A Quran Day” would endanger American troops.
Moeller urges Christians to unite in prayer this week and pray that the planned Quran burning will be canceled and the Dove World Outreach Center will stop its message of intolerance and hate.
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A correspondent from Gainesville writes,

‘As a long time resident of Gainesville FL, it pained me to hear this morning on NPR of a demonstration in Afghanistan against the 9/11 Quran burning here. We in Gainesville pride ourselves as being a progressive, tolerant and forward looking city. We also happen to be home of the small (less than 50) Dove Outreach church, a reactionary and publicity seeking outfit. Please, people of the world, know that this stunt has stimulated much pain and concern in our community. It has stimulated a lot of planning and dialogue, and there will be a variety of events to counter the proposed burning. There has been wildly inaccurate reporting about the event, with the Wall Street Journal repeating the false report that Dove is a “mega-church”. It is a micro-church, also run as a used furniture store . . . They are loving all the publicity, while the rest of our community can only look on in horror and try to come up with a cogent response. That this small group of wing-nuts have garnered so much publicity is a shame; hopefully we will make it through the week peacefully and come out with a community made even stronger. But to the world, we can only say we are sorry, and please don’t judge us by these bigoted few.’

A correspndent in Kabul writes,

'On Monday we listened to a long harangue from the mosque down the street from us, punctuated by the crowd shouting "down with America" or the Dari equivalent. We did not know what to expect when the rally was over. I understand that there were a number of such rallies around Kabul. It was a bit scary as such rallies in the past have ended with the crowd being encouraged to take out their vengeance on foreigners living locally. However, the rally ended quietly and there has been nothing since.'


Anonymous said...

The weird thing is that Terry Jones was actually born a Muslim and converted at age 19.

Graham Weeks said...

Those who change are often the most reactionary concerning their former ways. It applies to fromer Musils and former smokers too.