Monday, September 13, 2010

Is this an ancestor of mine in Bristol?

"WEEKS’S HOTEL AND Lamplighter’s Hall Inn and Tavern.

P. WEEKS, truly sensible of the gratitude he owes to a generous Public, begs leave to return them his thanks for the very flattering and increasing encouragement he has experienced since opening the above House. He continues to dress DINNERS for Parties on the most liberal Plan. TEAS, COFFEES, &c. as cheap as at any House in the United Kingdom.

Ladies and gentlemen going Passengers to any part of Ireland, or elsewhere, provided with Sea Stock of every description.

He wishes to inform Ladies and Gentlemen living in the Neighbourhood, that he has a constant Supply of fresh Fish, of every description, in the highest perfection.
PLEASURE BOATS of any Size, with comfortable Accommodations, provided to go to any Part of the Bristol Channel, at Six Hour’s Notice. …"

[Commentary: Philip Weeks was brother to John Weeks of the Bush Tavern in Corn St. (c.1773 to 1804). Philip Junior also ran Lamplighters in the 1820s. John Weeks was famous for his turtle dinners. The Reference Library has a copy of John Weeks' Scrapbook.]

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