Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Sinister and Immoral" Children's Bill Deserves Voter Condemnation

"Sinister and Immoral" Children's Bill Deserves
Voter Condemnation say Christian Democrats

Support by Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats for compulsory
teaching of Whitehall-led sex education in schools is "sinister and immoral",
according to the Christian Peoples Alliance and will count against the secular
parties at the General Election. The Christian Democrats are also critical of
measures to intrusively regulate home-schooling families. Responding to the
passage of the Children, Schools and Families Bill, through the House of
Commons on Tuesday, Dr Tom Rogers of the CPA National Executive said that
many Christians will see the big three parties as "morally bankrupt" and unworthy
of electoral support:

"It is both deeply insulting and untrue for Ed Balls, the Education Secretary to claim
that Catholic and Anglican schools "teach homophobia". Bullying of all kinds is
intolerable and should be dealt with firmly when it happens. But teaching children
that sex outside of God's institution of marriage is sinful does not foster hatred - it
liberates children to follow a path that avoids hurt, exploitation, disease, sterility
and the tragedy of abortion."

Under the Bill, sex education will become part of the national curriculum and control
over the content of lessons will be removed from school governors and handed to
Whitehall. All publicly-funded schools will be forced to teach children how to access
contraception and abortion services. The schools will also be forced to teach children
that unmarried unions are equal to marriage, with church teaching put as one view
among many.

Dr Rogers, who also sits on the National Executive of pro-life group SPUC, condemned
the Bill for undermining the primary responsibility of parents to teach their children. He
says that the 'exemption' won by the Catholic Education Service for church schools has
produced an unworkable compromise. He also accuses politicians of betraying hundreds
of thousands of children in non-church schools, who will now be exposed to a national sex
education curriculum that has already failed to cut record numbers of teenage pregnancies,
STDs and teenage abortions.

"The depth of the onslaught against Christianity in Britain is shown by recent Conservative,
Labour and Liberal Democrat statements saying that they will demand children in faith
schools are taught a curriculum that equates co-habitation and homosexuality with marriage.

"It is a sheer illusion of the Catholic Education Service to imagine that church schools will be
able to teach SRE according to a Christian ethos. Nothing in the Bill, even with the window
dressing amendment, guarantees a biblical approach. The amendment merely says schools
may teach "in a way" that suits their ethos, but the substance they teach must be according to
the curriculum, which requires children are given the message "how to use it, where to get it"
about contraceptives, abortion, and gay associations.

"The Bill, in its present form, should be withdrawn and policies put in place which promote the
traditional family unit, with marriage as a life-long union between one man and one woman; and
which encourage children and teenagers, at appropriate levels of maturity, and with respect to
parental rights, to come to a full realisation of the truth and meaning of human sexuality, in line
with the order of creation as God has ordained it."


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