Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Political Animal

I took the Political Animal quiz on,

My Report

'Your personalised cabinet of political characters was:

Margaret Thatcher
You favour the view that Godly laws are needed to improve the moral climate of society. If we can create a righteous nation, social justice will naturally flow out of that. Politically this position has some things in common with 1980s Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who believed in strong government but felt that economic decisions should be left up to individuals and the free market.

George W Bush
When the bible talks about righteousness, it often holds up a concern for the poor and needy as a primary example of 'righteous acts'. Unless Christians represent 'good news to the poor', our claims to moral authority can sound hollow. American President George W Bush identified himself as a committed Christian, but suffered from accusations that his government favoured the rich and privileged both domestically and globally.

Mary Whitehouse
You are convinced that political leadership is vital to ensure that our society retains its Christian foundations. Mary Whitehouse campaigned for moral standards in the media for over 40 years. Although frequently criticised, she was ultimately respected by TV bosses and is credited as a key influence in 'forcing broadcasters to justify what they did'.

Recommended Resources
There are loads of things you can do to explore this connection further: books to read, organisations to investigate, even political parties to join. The following resources have been selected for you based on the answers that you have given:
SUSA - the video
Susa booklet 'A City on a Hill'
Making contact with your elected representatives
SUSA individual resources manual
Conservative Christian Fellowship
Getting involved in the Conservative party
Amazing Grace - the story of William Wilberforce
Getting involved in political campaigning
Christian Concern For Our Nation
Getting involved with police and criminal justice'

My comments are that here are indeed three people for whom I have great respect. However no-one will ever steer me back to the Conservative Party. I am a conservative. They are not. The site did not steer me to the CPA where my party membership is now.

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