Sunday, September 27, 2009


Everything in life has to do with your world view. You go to the zoo either to rejoice in the Creator or to find some alternative to Him. Your help for the needy is wrapped either in the arrogance that you are godlike and can figure out every detail, or in the modesty and humility that admits even your kindness might be wrong. Your starting point, and your discoveries along the way, determine how you build and manage both your zoos and your governments --- if, indeed, these days you can tell the difference. --Joel Belz in WORLD

Wherever man may stand, whatever he may do, to whatever he may apply his hand, in agriculture, in commerce, and in industry, or his mind, in the world of art, and science he is, in whatsoever it may be, constantly standing before the face of God, he is employed in the service of his God, he has strictly to obey his God, and above all, he has to aim at the glory of his God. - ABRHAM KUYPER

In the last chapter of Death in the City, I point out that each person sits in one of two chairs &emdash; either the naturalist chair or the supernaturalist chair &emdash; and he perceives everything in the universe from the perspective of that chair. When an individual is born again, he moves from the former chair to the latter. The tragedy is that even after a Christian has affirmed the supernatural it is perfectly possible for him, in practice, to move back to the naturalist chair and spend most of the rest of his life there, seeing things from the same perspective as the world and living on the same basis. If a man does not believe the promises of God for salvation, we say he is in unbelief. The position of a Christian who sits in the naturalist chair is what I call unfaith. Many Christians live much of their lives there. - Francis Schaeffer, No Little People, Chapter 16

No man can live without a world-view; therefore, there is no man who is not a philosopher.-- Francis A. Schaeffer, He Is There and He Is Not Silent, Ch. 1

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