Saturday, July 08, 2006

Two minutes silence

So we are had a national two minutes silence at noon. Am I alone in wondering why? I know what I am remembering on Nov 11 or Remembrance Sunday. I am giving thanks for those who sacrificed their lives for my freedom and praying for peace. But July 7? Is this any more than a Diana like piece of sentimentality?

Minutes silence proliferate at sporting events. Opposing fans often show their lack of respect for someone associated with another team. A minutes applause may be better. But 7/7? Will I be praying for suffering families, for the defeat of the Islamists? For significant inroads by the gospel into Muslim hearts? If, God forbid we have another even worse bombing, will days with silent minutes be multiplied? Am I alone in thinking evil events should not be so remembered? To do this when 52 died devalues what we do on November 11 remembering millions who died for freedom.



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