Saturday, November 05, 2005

Deafened by Diwali

When I were a lad, it was socially unacceptable to let off fireworks on any night other than November 5th. Of course naughty boys threw bangers around before hand and let off the now banned jumping crackers. All this pales into insignificance with the deafening onslaught that disturbs every evening for weeks on end in my part of London.

Most of ot centers on Diwali, which I am told is a festival of light. I do not mind the lights. It's the bangs that disturb me. Not only me, pets are terrified and yesterday I dispensed a hypnotic mixture for a little girl terrified by these celebrations.

I welcome cultural diversity because i am a Christian who believes in mission. However this noise is in danger of bringing out the intolerant English nationalist in me. I was always against the killjoys who wanted to ban private firework displays. Now I am changing my mind.



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