Saturday, September 03, 2005


First I will state my bias in this. I am a pharmacist who was taught that homeopathic medicines have no rational basis, for just when the dilution is so great that it is doubtful if anything of the active ingredient remains, at that level it becomes potent.

Like my late professor, I regard homepathic specifics, i.e, medicines, as nothing but sugar. I will not recommend nor stock them for sale. The one good thing about them is their freedom from side effects.

OTH homeopathic practitioners say they treat patients not diseases. Their holistic approach and time taken to listen are both very firm positives in the healing process.

But we all know people who absolutely swear by wonderful cures from homeopathy. I suggest it is from the consultations not the medicines which can be no more than placebos.

As to other alternative medicines, they range IMO from the proven, acupuncture, to the plain scatty, crystal healing, with many things in between.

Desperate diseases require desperate remedies. I would have to be very desperate with the failure of allopathic medicine before I tried some of the alternatives.

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