Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Ashes Dilemma

I have a terrible dilemma. My wife had surgery last week and hopes to be well enough for me to take her to a family wedding 200 miles north next saturday, 10 September.. .I hope she is well enough to go ...But I have a ticket for the game at The Oval. It cost me 40 ukp. On eBay f it may be worth 200 ukp. If I have to take my wife to the wedding I will sell it to a friend for face value but the money is not the dilemma. I want my wife well and see the game. She wants to be at the wedding and not feel guilty.

I am praying that she is well and I am gracious. I could also pray that it rains all day but in London, not the north of England. If there is no result due to rain over the five days, England wins the series ... but we want to win the last game too.



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