Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Death penalty

I am afraid the lack of the death penalty here upsets
me. I watched the first half of a programme about the
bombing of the Grand Hotel Brighton, but switched off
the second part as I could not bear to watch a freed
murderer speaking about his crime. IMO Blair et al
have a lot to answer for with the Good Friday
Agreement "get out of jail free" card. There can be no
peace built on injustice.

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Peter said...

Dear Graham

As a fellow Reformed Christian who has recently gone into print (The Politics of Faith) as regards the need for the death penalty - in line with Scripture on the matter - it is haartening to hear someone else saying so publicly.

My reason for using the Saddam issue is that if in principle it be right to perform judicial exectuion on a murdering tyrant (which many agree with) then the principle is made out in practice elsewhere too.
Good call - I shall link to you just as soon as my uploader is fixed!

Peter Glover