Monday, September 24, 2018

The changing world (163) Jan-Mar 1991

Jan 7th Conservative group meeting.
8th        Relate committee
13th      Preached on the presentation at the temple.
15th      Schools committee
18th      Ward surgery
21st       Group meeting
22nd     Full council
27th      Civic service at St Mary's. John Ross preached at IPC in the evening.  I knew him from Qua Ibo Mission in Nigeria, Evangelical Presbyterians in Ireland and now in mission to Jews.
28th       To the House of Lords and Baroness Cox education meeting.
Feb 5th  Social Services pre-meeting
7th         Social Services committee
10th       Preached Rom2:10-16
13th       Walford High governors
14th       Oldfield governors
15th        Ward surgery
16th         Stocktaking
18th         Group meeting
21st         Ward committee
25th         Social services then Council
26th         Schools committee
27th         Free Church federal Council AGM
28th         Sacre
Mar 4th   Group meeting
5th           Full Council
7th           Melbourne governors
9th           To Marriage of Figaro, Bent
11th          Congregational meeting
12th          Melbourne governors
15th          Ward surgery
21st           Walford governors. Ward committee.
23rd           Hot cross bun tea, Costons ward.
26th           Social services pre-meeting
27th           Social services committee

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