Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The changing world (157) Apr 1990

Apr 1st Preached on Mark 9 in the morning and John Tuttlebee some about his work in Ireland in the evening.
2nd       New assistant, Helen, started via agency. Too wet to canvas on the ward after work but went to the Free Church Federal Council and stirred things up . John Parry angry and liberal as ever.
3rd       Helen doing OK. Twyford musical evening with Rachel in the orchestra.
4th        School half term including Katy's beacon House.
5th        Leafleting then canvassing with our MP, Elliot and Joyce Godfrey, an old member who remembers seeing the land mine fall on Medway estate. She was an air raid warden.
6th        Canvassing after work.
8th        Peat family to lunch after I preached on the rich young ruler.
9th        Jonathan started work on the buses at Acton Town. Canvassing on Medway estate with Joyce.
10th       After work canvassed with Elliot. No-one rude today. It is easier than evangelistic cold calling.
11th       Jonathan unfairly sacked from the buses. The builder is dividing our bedroom into two. Canvassing. Did six cards.
12th       Encouraging canvassing five cards on Medway with Elliott.
13th Good Friday service reading the day's events with David Barnes leading. To St John's Passion with Katy.
14th      David's last day at the pharmacy. On my own 5 to 8pm.
15th      Easter Sunday. David Barnes led for Paul Clowney then Larry in the evening on resurrection.
16th      Removed top soil. Staked out shed base. Broke up hard core rubble.
17th      Canvassing with Elliott on Medway after work.
18th      Only Larry at prayer breakfast.
19th      Medway canvassing after work.
21th      Hired cement mixer and started on shed base.
22nd     Larry led for Randy Lawler. Pot luck lunch. Larry in evening.
23rd      Colin Hart of the Christian Institute staying with us to present Denise Bell's RE complaint to Ealing Council.
24th      Medway canvassing. Local Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting on adverse drug reactions.
26th      New front room being plastered. Garden shed delivered.
27th       Canvassed two cards in Costons.
28th      Put up bathroom cupboards.
29th      Larry led for Dick Keyes. Pot luck lunch.
30th      Bank holiday. Last drop of election leaflets and Costons lane canvassing. Mum and Dad here.  

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