Saturday, September 08, 2018

Diary w/e 15 Sep 2018

Sun 9 Sep

A good sermon from Laurens Du Plessis from South Africa who is under care of IPC white studying at oak Hill. He and two IPC members to lunch. I preached my fourth and final Genesis 3 sermon at the Immigration Removal Centre. Three things people fear, snakes, the devil and death - and why we need not fear. Christ is the head crusher and the resurrection and the life. Numbers are down as the centre's detainees total less than half the former numbers. New men from Ghana and Kenya. For the first time in eight years, no new Nigerian Christians.

Mon 10 Sep

Water meter installed. Sorry to hear of the passing of John Corcoran. Praying for his widow, Clare.

Tu 11 Sep

Arranged the front garden which meant placing concrete slabs as bases for five large plants in pots.

Wed 12 Sep

Back to house group which was a great study on 1 Sam 25, David and Abigail.

Thu 13 Sep

8am coach over 500 miles to Aberdeen by 9:35 pm via Manchester, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee.A pleasant journey until darkness hiss the view from Perth onwards. Met a Romanian Pentecostal family with no English gong to Aberdeen. A little communication in French. 5.30 leave TB services Westmoreland 16.15 Carlyle. My host picked me up ten minutes after the coach arrived. It was five minutes late on a 13+ hour journey. John Corcoran.funeral in Switzerland. Very quick so none from IPC present.

Fri 14 Sep

Slept well. My hosted is the church administrator. She took me to The Mission where Presbytery meets. The catering by Trinity IPC is excellent. Business was concluded before dinner than to Queen Street church, newly bought from the Church of Scotland. They do not wee that liberal theology is killing their congregations. They do not care. They left in the building all manner of historic items . O could covet the minister and elder chairs and the table for IPC Ealing. High point of the day singing Old 10th0 accompanied by a great pipe organ. Dr Macleod, GP church member took me to my host, picked me up for presbytery in he morning too and after lunch took me near yo my hotel.

Sat 15 Sep

James Torrens of Inverness IPC gave two excellent lecture on children in the church, theology and practice. Dr Macleod took me to the Station Hotel. Very central and close to the coach station too for Tuesday departure.

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