Saturday, September 15, 2018

The changing world (158) May 1990

May 1st Blistered feet from delivering election leaflets round the ward.
2nd        Delivering leaflets and canvassing all day until Twyford annual parents meeting where I questioned why they did not teach chastity and fidelity in sex education. The governors' chairman said they had children from single parent families etc. I replied it was because they had teachers who could not teach it without hypocrisy.
3rd          Election day. On duty at polling stations at Oldfield school. Knocking up non-voters on Medway. Then to the count at the town hall with my parents. When my father died four years later his ticket to the count was in his wallet. He was a life long Labour voter and his son about to be a Tory councillor.
4th            2310 voted for me. A 700 majority removing Labour from our ward and against the national trend we took the council for the Conservatives 40 seats to 30. To bed at 4am. Group meeting in the town hall at 7pm.  Appointed vice-chairman of Social Services.
6th      Larry led for Raju on Jesus Only. Paul Clowney on reasonableness of Christianity.
7th      Bank Holiday Monday. Moved items from garage to shed. Great walk with Katy and Deb at lakes by Heathrow and the Thames.
8th       My full time assistant has done a bunk.
On my own until 5pm.
9th       No assistant all day.
10th     Evening Loveday Road meeting five mothers of dyslexic children.
11th     Very busy at work on my own.
12th     With boys and Chis Baddock to the Oval and saw Yorkshire beat Surrey so very happy.
13th     Enjoyed being robed for the first time at Ealing Abbey RC civic service. Aunty Myra to lunch. Katy's aunt now resident in British Columbia.David and Rachel to New Kids on the Block concert.
14th    No staff at work. Alperton High governors.
15th    Conservative council group. Appointed to education, SACRE and Aids Response.
16th    One assistant, Sherry. But some hours still not covered. Bomb in Wembley.
17th    Late for introductory seminar after work in Perceval House, aka the Kremlin.
18th    Did Yorkshire Dialect at Twyford PTA. Good food with Larsons.
19th    Stocktake done by noon. Celebration meal with champagne at The Lantern with Larsons.
20th    Elliott led for Larry. Katy went in the evening.
21st    On my own all day. Group meting in council chamber. Warned of likely demonstration tomorrow.
22nd   First council meeting. Did not speak. Te liberal Rev Neil Richardson insulting for Labour.
23rd    Moved desk in roaches to the new front room and watched ODI with New Zealand.
24th     Robed for annual council meeting. Good food and claret on a solely Conservative table.
25th     Depressed at work with temporary assistant Seralyn.
26th     Caroline a decent assistant all day.
27th     David Barnes on Great Commission. Cocktails with Mindels, W5 luxury. Whip Bob Hetherington say she Sikhs will oppose the RE syllabus.
28th      Completed David's wardrobe and curtain rail. Took girls to Gurnell fair.
29th      Supposed to have Asha as assistant but she was on the tills most of the day.
30th      Long day. Asha part of it but no-one in evening. Depressed at Jonathan's unemployment.
31st      Boss David failed to get a locus so another long day and Asha not much use.

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