Friday, March 21, 2008

Mysticism -

The significant thing is that rationalistic, humanistic man began by saying that Christianity was not rational enough. Now he has come around in a wide circle and ended as a mystic -- though a mystic of a special kind. He is a mystic with nobody there. The old mystics always said that there was somebody there, but the new mystic says that does not matter, because faith is the important thing. It is faith in faith, whether expressed in secular or religious terms. The leap is the thing and not the terms in which the leap is expressed. The verbalization -- i.e., the symbol systems -- can change; whether the systems are religious or nonreligious and whether more radical or more conservative religious terms are used, whether they use one word or another is incidental. Modern man is committed to finding his answer upstairs, by a leap away from rationality and away from reason. -- Francis Schaeffer "Upper Story Experiences," Chapter 3, _Escape From Reason_.


Anonymous said...

Curious where you've gotten this idea or upon what it's based - "faith in faith." It's been a while since I was in divinity school, but I was at a good one and never came across such a concept.

On the surface, having faith in faith doesn't seem to make sense but, maybe you could explain this concept.

I'll admit I have to be ruthless in this regard - that if you don't leave a comment back on my blog, I'll never get back here to continue this conversation, which looks interesting. But I'm severely disabled with limited blog time and I'm unable to spend that time with blogs that don't reciprocate.

Graham Weeks said...

I quoted the source. I suggest you read it. It is the object of faith that is critical, not belief itself.