Saturday, July 21, 2018


Earlier this month a primary school in Croydon told parents that their children would be taking part in a ‘Pride’ march to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.
The school wanted pupils to march to celebrate adult sexual choices at an age where some of them, according to the Daily Mail, “are still learning to read and can’t yet tell the time.”
Despite the school saying that the parade was compulsory, parents stepped in to defend their children.
On the day 110 pupils were absent, either explicitly because of the march or without providing an explanation. As a result, the planned parade was cancelled, although the school did hold a themed assembly instead.

A threat to parents

Parents at Heavers Farm Primary School had asserted their right to be primary educators of their children on moral matters including marriage, the family and alternative lifestyles.
Yet this fundamental right remains under threat.
Earlier this week Dame Louise Casey, who led a Government inquiry into extremism and integration, told the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee that such parents were extremists.
She told the committee that the law should not allow children to be withdrawn from classes by parents who object to same-sex marriage, saying “they are laws, and they have to be taught.”
In addition she reiterated her proposal that all holders of public office should be forced to swear allegiance to ‘British values’, including same-sex marriage.

The war in the classroom

The backdrop to these stories is the Government’s ongoing attempt to formulate guidance for new relationships education programmes to be taught in all primary schools.
Over the weekend it was reported in the Sunday Times (£) that these classes will force “consent lessons” on pupils as young as four.
Earlier this year we asked our supporters to respond to the Government’s initial consultation exercise on what relationships education lessons should include.
Our guidance was downloaded thousands of times by parents, grandparents and teachers who wanted to ask the Government to respect childhood and promote marriage.
We will be closely analysing the draft guidelines over the weeks to come and will write to you on how you can make your voice heard further in support of parents once these are out.
Yours sincerely,
Thomas Pascoe
Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)

Diary w/e 21 Jul 2018

Sun 15 Jul

Awoke to a wet morning in Plockton. Grace Church Kyle our local IPC congregation. A good word on worship, Ps 35 by Fred Macfarland. We then drove to our Kinlochewe hotel as the poor weather ruled out the scenic route via Applecross. Our hotel offers 106 different malts. I sampled two.

Mon 16 Jul

Drove about 150 miles Kinlochewe to Bettyhill. Mainly sunny. Much busier than I remembered it in 1970. The hotel is the best yet. Helped in with cases. Great views from the restaurants but the wifi is rubbish. Good post prandial conversation with a man from Essex.

Tue 17 Jul

Visited Strathnaver on the trail of the brutal clearances. Drove to Gills Bay for the Orkney ferry. Good conversation with a St Andrews Scot on the boat. Met by David, Katy's cousin in the rain. He directed us to tea with his wife Pam in their Burra home then showed us the way to our B&B.

Wed 18 Jul

A neolithic day visiting standing stones at Steness and the Ness of Brodgar with a huge archaeological dig, mainly neolithic but Mesolithic beneath. I was cold in the wind on the lecture tour and departed for the shelter of the car but Katy, the enthusiast stayed to the end. Then Scara Brae and the nearby Skail House, that of the laird who discovered the neolithic village. We dined at the Kirkwall Hotel with David, katy's cousin and wife Pam who extolled the attractions of life on Orkney,

Thu 19 jul

The only boat we came across offering a top on Scapa For was £80 per hour so we declined that and went on the ferry to Hoy. We would have taken the car but the ferry was fully booked. We had a beautiful day at Lyness the former navy base with a then population of 20,000 - twice that of Kikwall. We walked round including the cemetery of navy graves and the temporary exhibition in the Hoy Hotel as the museum is being renovated for the centenary of the scuttling of the German surrendered fleet - 52 ships sunk, One could imagine Scapa Flow with the 92 ships o Jellicoe's fleet anchored there before Jutland. Now we saw five oil tankers at anchor. Next we dined in Stromness, a delightfully quaint old port linked with the Hudson Bay Company and whaling.

Fri 20 Jul

The Italian Chapel on Lambs Holm is wonderful. Built by Italian WW2 POWs the art is astonishing. It is linked to the other island by the Churchill barriers, built to keep U boats out of the Flow after one sunk HMS Royal Oak in 1939 with hundreds of sailors killed. Coffee with Dad and Pam then ferry to the mainland and a rainy run to Invergotdon for B&B.

Sat 21 Jul.

Drive to Inverness Airport and return the hire car and fly to Heathrow.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Diary w/e 14 Jul 2018

Sun 8 July

DIY breakfast of croissants and strawberries then shopped for lunch before church. Scottish Sunday opening hours are longer than in England. Highland International IPC meets at he Craigmonie Holtel. We ere warmly welcomes. I was asked to give prayer points from Ealing IPC. Excellent sermon from James Torrens on Rom 5 - How to be certain of hope. We motored down the quiet side of Loch Ness. From Fort Augustus onwards there was cloud then light rain. Our B&B at Oinch south of Fort William was deserted. A Belgian couple let us in as the for was not locked. Dinner in the Four Seasons pub was good and we had a good chat with a young German couple at the B&B before bed.

Mon 9 Jul

Corran Ferry acrid Loch Linnhe. As we had plenty of time to get to Mull we decided to drive to Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly place in mainland UK. We had seen in twelve years ago from the sea en route from South Uist to Oban. The lighthouse is most impressive. On the way we bought sandwiches at Strontian, the village from where Strontium is named. The ore was mined there. We took the ferry from Kilchoan to Tobermory then drove to Kilbrennan farm our accommodation overlooking the island of Ulva. At dinner we saw red deer grazing nearby.

Tues 10 Jul

From Ulva ferry day trip. Lunch on Sfaffa. Not up to the traverse to Fingal's Cave. Went up the cliff and fell on grass. Puffins amazingly close on Lunga. Fell twice descending and strained by one so hobbling.

Wed 11 Jul

Our hostess advised us not to try Iona on a dull wet day so enjoyed Tobermory, its aquarium and museum before seeing England lose to Croatia.

Thu 12 Jul

So much for BBC meteorology. Light cloud and sunny intervals turned out to be low cloud and rain on and off all day. We visited a hide with telescopes trained on a sea eagle's nest. Two young bird s as big as adults on the nest. Katy saw a parent fly in with food but I missed than. Went to see our next ferry location, Fishnish then on to Duart Castle but not worth a photo of scaffolding on a dull day.

Fri 13 Jul

Once again rubbish BBC meteorology. Light cloud and sunny intervals turned out to be beautiful sunshine and blue sky all day. 45 miles to the ferry to Iona. Beautiful quiet scenic roads. Iona walk to the abbey. They are big on Columba, his sainthood and monasticism but very very week on him as a missionary to Scotland and England. And why does the abbey have a stone alter when its renovation was initiated by a Presbyterian?

Sat 14 Jul

Ferry from Fishnish, Mull across the sound to the mainland. We then drove and bought some lunch near Fort William eating by the Spean Bridge commando memorial. Stopped and had a cuppa at Eileen Donna Castle then on to Plockton to find our B&B and fish and chip supper out. Bright this morning. Dull after lunch.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Quotes 13 Jul

When God kindly allures us to himself, and assures us that he will take care of our safety, since we have embraced his promises, it is right that we highly extol his power, that it may ravish our hearts with admiration of himself. - John Calvin on Psalm 27:1.

At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human
malice, and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and
stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of
religious or political idols. - Aldous Huxley, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1952).

“ Probably the best way to describe [the] concept of modern theology is to say that it is faith in faith, rather than directed to an object which is actually there…Modern man cannot talk about the object of his faith, only about the faith itself. So he can discuss the existence of his faith and its ‘size’ as it exists against all reason, but that is all. Modern man’s faith turns inward.” – Francis Schaeffer

I believe the single most significant decision I can
make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude.
It is more important than my past, my education, my
bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain,
what other people think of me or say about me,
my circumstances, or my position.
Attitude . . . keeps me going or cripples my progress.
It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope.  When my
attitudes are right, there's no barrier too high, no
valley too deep, no dream to extreme, no challenge
too great for me.
--Charles R. Swindoll (1934-    )
      _Strengthening Your Grip: Essentials In An
       Aimless World_ [1982], "On Attitudes"

Monday, July 09, 2018

Diary w/e 7 Jul 2018

Sun 1 Jul

Gethin Jones excellent adult Sunday School on Paul and 1 Sam - the parallels. Chris Roberts very good on Pa103. Paul on Num 16 and then a farewell very for the Batusics of MTW returning to USA, Donald Smith to Scotland and Natalie staying to work locally. All have been church staff these last two years.

Mon 2 Jul

Heat in England is no problem usually but today I am feeling the 29C. Fifteen at our encouraging session meeting including men from our Liss and Ilford congregations as well as a new brother under care studying at Oak Hill.

Tue 3 Jul

3M breakfast; muesli, mango pulp and milk. To two banks to get appointments to register having power of attorney. Excellect U3A World religions on Judaism led by our two Jewish members, one orthodox turned secular and one liberal. History of the Jews. I corrected the dates of the captivity. Then varieties of Judaism, beliefs and practises. It is much more about community and life than discussing theology. Then I went on my pastoral visit.

Wed 4 Jul

At 6:30 am I realised I had double booked my morning - banks and U3A so had to reschedule the banks for U3A was here. Seven of us - a house divided - on Heathrow Airport. 25 members at monthly church prayer meeting.

Th 5 Jul

Lunch with the senior Littles. Finding more relatives on Ancestry. Now over 1700 on my tree.

Fri 6 Jul

To Trafalgar Square which was closed as preparations were made for London's Shame day (Not what the perverts call it). Nigerians started to assemble for 9:30 including COCIN's local Re Kefas. Banners aloft we marched to the High Commission. I, the only Englishman, gave a speech and was interviewed for TV. A delegation went into the High Commissioner and he sent a diplomat to address us. Back to Ealing I failed to get Barclays to register the power of attorney. One document mission. Thrilled Belgium 2 Brazil 1.. Now it is a European cup.

Sat 7 Jul

Minicab to Heathrow terminal 5 for BA to Inverness. Avis slow taking nearly two hours to get our Homda Jazz ready. Their charging for a second driver and insurance was worthy of Ryanair. Shopped for lunch at Tesco then ate baked overlooking the firth. On to the Back Isle where we found a pub showing the England game. After a comprehensive visor we went to find our B&B in central Inverness. Clean was the one good thing about a very cramped room with no breakfast but a kitchen to use. The room was hot and windowless. I enjoyed the food at a local chippy. Following 'when in Rome' I enjoyed haggis and chips.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

The changing world (151) Apr-May 89

Apr 12th I think this was when I asked my most embarrassing question ever in public. It was Twyford annual parents meeting. Elliott who was away put me up to this. I asked why the school was not prepared to teach the Christian view of chastity before and fidelity with marriage. The chairman as expected said it was because they had children from diverse families like single parent ones. This was the expected reply. So I countered asking was not the real reason that teachers could not teach the christian view without hypocrisy as some did not love it. The chairman feebly replied that the school, now Anglican, had inherited some teachers from when selection of teachers was by the local authority. When people tell me faith schools are sectarian I reply their problem is not teaching the faith whose name they rear.
15th  Meeting with parsons and other parents interested in co-operative parent teaching. We had withdrawn deb after a year of primary for she was a school refuser. We reckoned dyslexia. Youth mental health services were inadequate with long waiting lists. We went private to no avail. Counselling had to be deb on her own. She would not open up and the counsellor could not get her talking. No use at all. After a prolonged period of co-operative home schooling Deb was statement and admitted to the excellent day school, Fairley House in Quuensway which specialised in dyslexia. Classes were small. Most were boys for they are the ones whose dyslexia means disruptive behaviour.
16th  Larry led for Joe. I preached for Cambridge Presbyterians.
20th  Costons ward Conservatives.
22nd Raju led for Larry and I preached in the evening.
23rd Christina Addey from Ghana ate with us.
27th Free Church Federal Council
30th Joan Welsh to dinner. A violinist who buy accident bought the bow equivalent of a Stradivarius.
May 3rd Alperton High governors.
6th         Nigel and heather Williams of Care to dinner.
7th         I led for Paul Clowney and preached in the evening.
8th         Alperton governors.
10th       Parents Action Group committee.
13th       IPC session. Stocktaking. Costons Conservatives buffet supper in honour of harry Greenaway's ten years as our MP.
16th       Alperton governors
21st        Larry led for me and he was evening preacher.
28th        Alan Hosier led for raj Abraham
30th        Stan Munn serviced the old Peugeot. Local man worked at his mother in laws in the next road.

The NHS at 70

I was born under private care. I am older than the NHS and so have experience of it for all of its and my life.
   The good points. Care free at the point of need. No worries there. It does not include your car parking, your dental or optical care or your prescription's . The latter you only pay for in England, not the either parts of the disunited kingdom.
   It is the sacred cow of British politics. Cut it in any way and it is like infanticide ( differentiated of course fro killing the unborn in the womb. We dispose of them on the NHS). It is also bottomless pit. You can never fund enough to meet unlimited demand. But this sacred cow status is one of the big divides from our transatlantic cousins. There socialised medicine is anathema. Have a care - no Obamacare etc.
   I am grateful. It kept me alive around fifteen years ago when I had cellulitis. I owe my life to its IV antibiotics. I sorted ny left ventricular failure, cardiac arrhythmias and colon cancer.
   The staff are of diverse origins and very good. I did notice though that when public transport ceased in a blizzard it was the indigenous English staff who trudged in through the snow. I also noted that nurse recruitment from the far east concentrates on catholic Christians from the Philippines and Kerala, India. The keep the good ethical standards. I had two weeks in two different hospitals last year. The only department which failed to function was the chaplaincy. No chaplain visited though requested. There were no church services except at visiting hours and no mention of and free church chaplaincy. Complains to PALS produced nothing.
   But onto the are of my speciality I do have criticisms. First of all hospital pharmacy is inefficient. They keep you waiting in outpatients. In community pharmacy with me you would not wait five minutes. In hospital half an hour is normal. The they may tell you what your doctor ordered is not in their formulary so tour GP will have to write a script. When you are to be discharged they take for ever to send your n]medicines to the ward - and them nay mess it u. I write from personal experience.
   The the NHS community pharmacy contract. A stitch up between the NHS administrators and big pharmacy firms. An annual customer satisfaction survey is redundant. If you do not like my service you go to the next pharmacy. But who checks the hospital pharmacy's inefficiency. Audits twice a year. Often the one the administrators send you is out of touch with reality. I had to do one on Lithium and I found patients on the drug for decades who knew nothing of the protocols evolve. Administrators ask for ridiculous things. What was I doing in case of disruption to staff attendance during the London Olympics? I ignored that one or I would have said I was too fat to run.
   Prescribe everything generically and GPs are incentivised so to do. Sometimes there are differences between brand that are significant but not often. The main headache with generic prescribing is dressings. The generic drug tariff nomenclature is a nightmare. Brand prescribing is far simpler.
   But the real scandal is the pricing of generics. Pharmacists used to be paid a dispensing fee per item plus an on cost percentage of the drug price. This was changed to a fee pus the flat tariff price revised each month if necessary. But the secret unpublicised agreement is a DT price well above the reality of what pharmacies are paying wholesalers or manufacturers. It is hugely profitable to the pharmacies and expensive for you the tax payer.
   Finally I have no fear of a post Brexit collapse of the NHS nor of significant privatisation in the foreseeable future.


Coalition for Marriage


Dear marriage supporter,
This week the Government announced a package of measures which amounts to an assault on marriage following a taxpayer-funded survey only open to homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.
Proposals include:
Spending £4.5m of your money on an LGBT Action Plan which will promote the acceptance of homosexual adult relationships and transgenderism in schools, usurping the role of parents who may wish to teach their children the primacy of real marriage between a biological man and a biological woman.
Confirming that forthcoming compulsory relationships education for primary school children will be used to promote “LGBT+” issues, despite the fact that real marriage is strongly correlated with better outcomes later in life and should be taught as a priority instead.
Consulting on allowing anybody to change gender without seeing a doctor first, removing an important provision against bad faith in current law and undermining the idea that male and female are fixed biological realities and not a matter of choice. These plans are a sinister assault on women and children which should never have been put forward.
This Government has consistently bullied and ignored supporters of real marriage, choosing instead to pursue a path of indoctrination in schools and intimidation in the courts.
Real marriage supporters are often libelled as extremists by the press and politicians, but the reality is that it is the Government’s policy which is extreme and out of touch: a poll published this week found that only 18% of the general population agreed with Theresa May’s proposals to amend the Gender Recognition Act.
At a pivotal time for the future of the country it beggars belief that the Government should concern itself with attacking parents, children and biological reality in this way. In doing so they have proven themselves extreme, arrogant and totally out of touch.
Yours sincerely,
Thomas Pascoe
Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The changing world (150) Feb - Mar 89

Feb 1st Drastic hair and beard cut. At church with Larry. Sermon prep.
2nd       Chinese New Year meal at %@.Walford High governors.
3rd        Counting back up stock prior to tomorrow's stock take.
4th        Session before stock take.
5th        Elliott led. I preached.
6th        Twyford PTA.
8th        Baroness Cox education meeting at the Lords.
11th      Katy and Jonathan took David and Deb to Grantham meeting my father who took them north.
12th      To Lass IPC at Bohunt school.
16th       Costons ward conservatives.
17th       Visited Bedford.
19th        I led for Korean Rhee. Larry in evening. John staying.
20th        ENCA AGM Greenford hall.
21st        Alperton High governors.
22nd       Presbytery.
23rd        Costons conservatives.
25th        Gulas visiting.
26th        Alan Hosier led for Elliott in the morning, Gulas evening.
27th        Free Church federal Council.
28th        Gulas leave.
Mar 2nd Walford High governors.
4th          Session.
5th          I led for Elliott.
7th          Alperton governors.
8th         Lecturing at WEC. The former owners of Bulstrode were the Bruderhof. I got to know them at their next location, Robertsbridge, when I was locus at the local pharmacy.
11th        Presbyterian Association. Five Larson males to dinner.
12th        Elliott led for paul. John Corcoran and Chris Baddock to lunch.
17th        Michelsens to dinner.
18th        Joan Welch to dinner. Formerly in exclusive brethren.
19th        David Barnes led for Joe. me in evening.
24th        Procters to dinner.
26th       Paul led for Larry.

The changing world (149) Jan 89

Jan 1st  I led for Paul Cowney in the morning with a renewal of vows Jacobs family and Jan Haag to lunch. Sylvester was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1944, the challenges of growing up as a black man in a city infested with prejudice wore on the fragility of his youth. “I grew up with folk teaching me that I was nothing. Nobody. Not even worth talking to, listening to, looking at.” As a response, Jacobs served in the US Army, stationed in Panama from 1962 to 1965 where he first began to learn the trade of photography. “You just begin photographing the people around you,” he says. But the prejudice wore on him. In 1966 he went to Europe with Operation Mobilisation, an organisation that transports Christians abroad on mission trips. He didn’t come back until 2007: forty years later. That initial bitterness has gradually turned to a residual sadness, a sadness that was enveloping at one time. “I didn’t know if I’d ever see America again, or see my family again. One-way ticket,” he says. “The advantage of being in another country was that I was a stranger and I knew it, and they knew it. But in my home country, I was at home, but I was a stranger and I didn’t know it. I thought I was at home.” Once in Europe he travelled to Italy, Switzerland, and finally settled in England, where he continued to hone his craft. Later he became a schoolteacher so popular with his pupils in Luton, many of the Muslims, that some have contacted me to try and be put back in contact. His popularity though earned envy from fellow teachers. 
I preached in the evening and on our return studio George was noisy again.
2nd To Braithwaites.
3rd  Took Jonathan to work at my pharmacy on my day off. Sermon prep. Pastoral counselling. Mr Overend here for lunch.
4th   Three hour drive to Kinnears, Newport. Two hours back.
5th    Assistant Mary back to work from Irish holiday. depressed.
6th    Depressed and novel reading at work. Not a demanding pharmacy.
7th    Bjarne Thelin to dinner.
8th    Preached. Mr O here. Katy cooked for the IPC youth. Pastoral counselling.
9th    Depressed at work. Reading Cookson. Deb at judo. No wish to go to deacons meeting.
10th  Inactive again.
11th  Good session all day at Joe's near Oxford. Planned three sermon series up to August. Heard more of Paul Clowney's testimony. Pot in Vietnam.
12th Busier at work. Too much talk and not enough prayer at house group. One member not happy as I refuse visit the excommunicated member.
13th With no school for Katy I could have the car to work and do the grocery shopping. We had a battered old Peugeot 504 estate for the next few years. In Nigeria the Hausa name for these which were the main taxis was Dafa Dukka, cook them all. Meaning all passengers would die in a high speed crash. No speed limits there. Getting the groceries at on stage I had a strict Hindu assistant who refused to take my frozen chicken from my trolley. I pointed out she was not touching a dead animal but a plastic bag.
14th   Cooked trout for Davis and Sue Egg to dinner. I have known him since he was a bot in Northallerton.
15th   Elliott preached morning, Mary evening. Cooked tandoori. Took girls swimming. Scott Cahei dined .
18th    Off work. Pastoral visiting including relations between IPC and OM. Alperton High governors. Cooke fish pie.
19th    happier at work. Costons Conservatives adopt me as council candidate. Planning holiday in North wales.
20th    Dennis Skinner wrecked abortion reforms.
21st    Pastoral counselling. Booked holiday in N Wales. Shopped for curtain, £160 Brent Cross. Good Chinese gateway staff meal.
22nd   Preached Tower Hamlets Christian Fellowship.Charismatic.Picked up Norman Norris at Victoria and he spoke at IPC. 
23rd    Started scanning bar codes at pharmacy.
24th    Chat on phone with Mrs Gummer, wife of Thatcher's minister and their son is in school with deb.
25th    Work at IPC with Larry. Cooked haddock for dinner.
26th    House group here on Rev 12.
27th    Long queues at checkouts with new scanning.
28th    Care conference at All Souls on politics, Cooked Italian chicken.
29th   John Ross and family here all day. We new them from Qua Ibo Mission in Nigeria then from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Now with a mission to Jews.
30th Deb at Felix Gummer's party. Years later during the mad cow scare he was photographed being bought a burger by his minister father.
31st   Visited by David the superintendent pharmacist my boss.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Diary w/e 30 June 2018

Sun 24 Jun

Gethin good as ever at adult Sunday school with a repeat playing of the hip hop, Jesus the lead crusher, an amazing way of teaching deep theology. Paul gave a very well structured treatment of Mat 8:1- 22. Met Shaun a lecturer from Singapore who remembered me and Larry Beckler from being with IPC in 1988. A treat day for England sport, 6-1 Worlds Cup, whitewash 5-0 over the Aussies in ODI cricket and Hamilton first in F1. Preached on Noah the non-conformist at Harmondsworth where numbers were down but new detainees from Nepal, Malaysia, Ghana and Nigeria.

Mon 25 Jun

Recipient of the best kind of pastoral visit - when the visiting pastor brings the beer. I have my 2019 diary. now. Five gallons of Chardonnay in the fermented. (Not the communion wine). Hottest day of year. Garden watered. Two builders came to quote on garden walls. Annual joint elders and deacons meeting to set the budget for the next year. Full house of deacons, 8 out of 11 elders in the pastor's garden. Figures encouraging.

Tue 26 J

Ealing Lunchtime Talks, Chris Roberts on Ps 50 then a pastoral visit.

Wed 27 Jun

U3a History group on Cyprus. Not enjoying preparation for colonoscopy tomorrow - fasting and purging. This prevented me from going to house group.

Thu 38 Jun

The laxatives prevented me going to elders early morning prayer. Ten polyps removed in a lengthy colonoscopy.

Fri 29 Jun

Builder estimated more cheaply so has the garden malling job.

Sat 30 Jun

Failed to rise early and see the iconic Flying Scotsman depart from Ealing Broadway 6:10 am. Greenford carnival. Good burger lunch but nowhere to sit with a pint at the bar. Chat with our friendly MP. Good birthday drinks for Gethin Jones at the Drayton.

The changing world (148) Nov-Dec 88

Nov 6th Joe preached. Me in evening.
7th         Met with Costons ward Conservatives. I was selected as a candidate for 1990 elections eventually.
12th       Stocktaking. The 2nd and £rd secretaries from the Chinese embassy to dinner.
13th        I preached.
14th        Congregational meeting.
16th        Took David to consider 6th form options at Twyford.
20th         Elliott preached.
24th        Larry organised an PC Thanksgiving dinner.
25-26th   Presbytery. No longer synod as we have no church in Huemoz now. Ranald and Udo appeared to have fallen out over L'Abri leadership. I believe it was a question of who had inherited Schaeffer's mantle. Ranald thew IPC out od the Huemoz Chapel, owned by L'Abri. They took the name IPC Reformee with them and we were plain IPC and a presbytery in England only. Udo later moved to USA and Swiss IPC became no more.
27th          Preached. Stephens to lunch. He was a GP. She had survived the Cambodian killing fields.
29th          Alperton High School where I was appointed a community governor, my only such post. I failed to become a Tyford parent governor but from 1990-98 was a councillor governor in four different school, a boring job where I was at least once in a voting minority of one.
30th           Parents Action Group.
Dec 4th      Elliott morning Larry evening preacher.
10th           Presbyterian Association of England meeting.
11th           Elliott preached.
12th           To baroness Cox's House of Lords education issues meeting.
13th            Katy term finished.
14th            John with us.
15th            Larry preached. Carol service in the evening.
19th            My assistant on holiday to Ireland.
24th            Geoffrey and Sara with us.
25th            David Barnes preached.
26th            Idiot neighbour George Herbert banged on the garden fence as our water pipes were kicking. His favourite tactic was to play a recording of Welly barking back through the wall after evening service. One Christmas we had invited him to dinner. But Christmas eve morning there was horrendous noise from is stern. He had gone to work with it on full blast. I called the police who broke in and turned it off. They asked if he was strange for he has a mannequin dressed in women's underclothes in the house as well as top shelf magazines. He could be nice but on this occasion he was very angry and skipped Christmas dinner. Another time I banged my head on the low doorway of the garden shed and he said he hoped it might knock some sense into me. His mother had died with dementia. His brother had committed suicide. Elliott said he had personality disorder. In the end he was taken into care with dementia but on a good day he could be very pleasant though overpowering.
27th          Did a pastoral visit to Larry. Ate at Martins. George worse on our return.
28th           Yorkshire visitors left. To town. Westminster, St James Park, Royal Mews, Fell asleep in the Magician's Nephew.
29th            Pharmacy 8:30 am to 8pm. One was paid to be on duty during lunchtime and stead eating in the dispensary.
30th            Work 8am to 9pm reducing Christmas stock to half price.
31st            Sermon prep. Pot luck, games and watch night service.

The changing world (147) Aug - Oct 88

Aug 7th    I preached.
12 Aug            To Yorkshire.
13 Aug 1988 At Wimbledon Methodist, North Yorkshire, for my youngest cousin, Andrew Graham's wedding to Carol. Arthur played them out to the 'Pink panther'. Uncle Neil had to pause to control his emotion while conducting the ceremony.
21st                Raju morning me evening preaching.
28th                Elliott preached. Justice Muhktar visited.
Sep 2nd          IPC barbecue.
4th                  Elliott preached. Koreans having afternoon use of the building leaves a certain aroma for our evening service when I preached.
5th                  John back to school.
6th                  Ealing parents Action Group
11th                Preached Grove Chapel, Camberwell.
12th                PTA Twyford.
13th                Presbytery.
15th                Katy started as class music teacher part time beacon House School. Beacon House School is listed under the London Independent & Preparatory Schools category and is located in 15 Gunnersbury Avenue , London, London.
16th                     Larry preached.
25th                     David Barnes preached.
26th                    Mike Rudd and S Bowder to dinner.
Oct 1st               Braithwaites visiting ud.
2nd                     Elliott preached. Woodcocks visiting.
5th                     Dinner at Michelsons.
8th                     Russells to dinner.
9th                     I preached. Jackie Gooding visited us.
10th                   PTA AGM.
15th                   Session
16th                  Elliott preached.
17th                 Free Church federal Council.
22nd               John half term. David birthday party.
23rd                I preached.
30th                Ed Clowney preached.  Christine Thompson visited.

Friday, June 29, 2018

The changing world (146) Aug 87- Jul 88

11 Aug Enid Crane to dinner.
Around this time Jonathan had an experimental scan at the Hammersmith where raj Abraham was consultant neurologist.Thr NMR machine was so innovative at the time we had to sign a consent. I watched the monitor. He was told there was some noise, He had to come out and take of his jeans which gad a big metal front button. I said it was,'Take of your trousers to see inside your head'. Raju promised a copy of the scan but when he was how much brain tissue was not as it should be he declined. Agenesis of corpus callosum (ACC) is a rare disorder that is present at birth (congenital). It is characterized by a partial or complete absence (agenesis) of an area of the brain that connects the two cerebral hemispheres. For such a lack of brain development Jonathan has little disability beyond a mild hemiplegia.
Christmas 1977 Our first HOST student. Hospitality for Overseas Students organised by the British Council. Zhang Yingbiao, Charlie, was a delight. Post doctoral scientists at University College. We gave him a Chinese Bible but he preferred reading Debbies cartoon Bible. Over the holiday I relayed the story from creation to Exodus. He lapped it up saying this was what China needed, the way of forgiveness. He was a brilliant original scientist working on a unified field of knowledge for alternative medicine. We recommended the Chinese church in London but he went to All Souls and the next year was baptised. He is father had opposed the communists and been imprisoned. He was not released while his wife lived. Charlie was brought up in a rural area away from the cultural revolution. He was so well self taught he skipped a first degree and entered a masters course after the end of the cultural revolution.
6 Sep       Sproules to dinner.
8 Sep       John and Marie Scott visited.
19th Dec  Patterson family to dinner.
24th Jan 88 Leonard Day to dinner.
Mar 20th     Six Barnes to dinner.
Apr 26th    My eldest cousin, Roger Weeks visited from New Zealand. An orthopaedic surgeon he had emigrated the nearly twenty years before. He said his entry into society was through the Freemasons. he acme Grand Master in the northern island. I told him the only new society was the church. He did not like my critique of the society with secrets which could easily serve as a template for corruption. Roger Harman Weeks was born in Worcester on 24 April 1934. He married Hilary on 27 February 1960 in Falmouth and they had two children, Sara (born 1961, who also became medically qualified) and Robert (born 1966). He practised as a general surgeon in New Zealand and died there, while living in the Bay of Islands, on 5 March 2005.
3 may          Yasmin Ahmed stayed.
30th                Julia Pollinauu from Munich stayed under the HOST scheme.
14 Jun            David Landess and Kirk Lynn visited, both from Wheaton College.
18th                Mary and Seamus Vahey to dinner. She was my pharmacy assistant, one of the best. The only problem was the usual Irish one, wanting holiday to go home at Christmas. That was a good reason not to employ the Irish. I also did not want male assistants but the stupid job centre said equalities policy meant I could not advertise for females only. I needed a female for with only one assistant she had to be fame in a pharmacy.
26th                 Diane Preston to dinner.
23 July 1986. Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey . That day I presented ealing Parents Action Group petition to Cllr Hilary Benn on the town hall steps. Press coverage nationally was at the royal wedding so we got little coverage.

The changing world (145) Dec 86 - Jul 78

Dec 6th To Braithwaites.
7th              Elliott preached on church gift day.
9th              Denise Bell a leading light in the Parents Action Group. She was to legally challenge the council over its revised RE syllabus. with e help of the Christian Institute.
11th             john out from school.
14th             Elliott preached.
21st              .Elliott preached.28th Carol service.
25th              Randy preached.
28th              David preached then Larry.
30th              Jacobs to dinner,
Jan 8th 87    EPAG at St John's
13th              Session retreat.
7-15 Feb        John on half term.
15th              Haidar Roger Reeve to dinner. A convert to Islam I met while campaigning about school. The host famous convert, cat Stevens, was a customer in Willisden, I also had Shagari's vice-president in the shop. he told me he had been imprisoned with Solomon Bar who I knew before he was governor of Plateu State.Chief (Dr.) Solomon Daushep Lar (April 1933 – 9 October 2013) was a Nigerian politician who has held various offices at the National level for over 50 years. He was a member of the first national parliament when Nigeria gained independence in 1960. He was elected governor of Plateau Stateon the Nigerian People's Party (NPP) platform during the Nigerian Second Republic, holding office from October 1979 until the Military coup of 31 December 1983 that brought General Muhammadu Buhari to power.[1] Later, he was founding chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).
16th              Congregational meeting.
21st mar       Tylers to dinner.
Apr 3-17       John Easter holiday.
May 22-26    John half term
Jul 1st           Mary salter to dinner.
21st              Jeremy Hinds to dinner and speaking at IPC. Top missionary to the Hausas.He was born on December 16th 1932, educated in Sedburgh, and after National Service (a compulsory period
in the armed services for all 18 year old men after World War II) he went up to Oxford University in 1954 to study Greats. In a letter to James Tweedie5, Hinds gives some biographical detail and describes how he first met Hausa Muslims while he was doing his National Service in Northern Nigeria (This would have been in the early 1950’s). He himself told me that he had a choice of playing Polo or learning Hausa and as he did not like Polo he decided to learn Hausa. His Hausa teachers were only too willing to talk about their religion, Islam.Hinds had little Christian commitment until he went up to Oxford where he came to a personal experience of, "the overwhelming joy of forgiveness through the death of Christ."7Immediately he felt that he should go back to share this news with his Hausa friends in Northern Nigeria. This shaped his further study. On the advice of Max Warren (The General Secretary of CMS) he took a second degree in Theologybefore a year of Arabic and a period of Qur’anic study with the help of retired missionaries from Egypt and Palestine.He was influenced by a book 'The Ugly American' which told “the story of a Roman Catholic priest who studied Communism so much that he knew their doctrines better than the Communists he met.”10 Hinds set this as his goal, knowledge of the Qur'an and Islamic Theology so that he would be able to listen and understand Qur'anic exposition given in the traditional way.11 However, to this traditional interpretation he brought the critical scholarship of his academic training.
It was 1962 before Hinds departed for Zaria District in Northern Nigeria to work as a lay evangelist. Here he developed relationships with the small Christian Community in Wusasa, many of them converts from Islam and also with local Muslim teachers. Hinds would often visit with converts from Islam such as Malam Idi Kano and, usually at the home of the Malam (Teacher).12 He described the exchanges thus,
“Sometimes the argument gets heated but it is because we are talking about things we hold dear. We end in peace and a good cup of tea and refreshments until the next time.”13
In 1966 he was asked by the Diocese of Kaduna (read Diocese of Northern Nigeria) to be the Principal of a new training institute (The Diocesan Training Centre [DTC]) to prepare men for catechist and ordained ministry. Hinds developed a communal style of life among the students. For Hinds his identification with the people led him to consider a cross-cultural marriage before he met and married Wendy in 1970.14 Wendy became a great support to Jeremy, and occasionally when ill health prevented him from presenting a conference paper, she would read it on his behalf. He held the role of DTC Principal for three years and then covered a number of interregnums between Principals until 1979, when a heart attack forced him to leave the DTC and Wusasa. Throughout this period he continued to visit local Malams and to read the debates between Muslim scholars in the Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwobo (tr. ‘truth is worth more than a penny’) and the New Nigerian newspapers. After recuperation in the UK, Hinds returned with his family to Nigeria to take up a post as lecturer at The Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN), Bukuru (he had two years lecturing at Bukuru in the mid 1970’s before continuing his ministry at Wusasa). Here his influence reached students from many of the church denominations founded by the Protestant missions to Northern Nigeria. At the same time he was appointed as a consultant to the Pan African Islam in Africa Project (now PROCMURA – Project for Christian Muslim Relations in Africa) and so was able to share his expertise more widely. In 1987 Hinds resigned from his post at TCNN and was seconded by CMS to work with the Bible Society. One project was to enable the transliteration of Bible passages from Hausa Roman script into Ajami (Hausa written in Arabic script). Although this was never completed in his time, Hinds oversaw the publication by the Bible Society of
booklets in Ajami telling the story of the prophets, Noah, Abraham, Moses etc. It was also during this period that he completed the Qur’an Word Studies, written to stimulate dialogue.
In a visit to Liberia one of the Bishops pleaded with Hinds to relocate there. Hinds felt that he had shared his knowledge with many Christians in Nigeria who were now in positions of leadership and that the need was greater in Liberia.15 It was agreed with CMS that, after a period in the UK, Hinds and his family would base themselves in Monrovia. However by 1991 Liberia had disintegrated into civil war. The plan was put on hold and Hinds turned to dialogue with the Asian Muslim communities in the North West of England (e.g. Oldham, Blackburn, Preston, etc), made up of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who had settled in the cotton mill towns at about the time that Hinds first went to Nigeria. Here Hinds continued his dialogue and debate usually accompanied by Christians from a local church, and often meeting Muslim leaders at the mosque. Hinds was never a lone ranger but, rather he wanted to stimulate the involvement of Christians who lived in communities cheek by jowl with Muslims. Hinds was supported in this work through CMS and the Jerusalem Trust from 1992 until his death in July after a massive stroke.

The changing world (144) Oct-Nov 86

Oct 4th Kellenbergs to dinner.
5th        Elliott preached then me.
11th      Stocktaking.
12th      Harvest Sunday. Larry preached then me.
14th      Parents Action Group.
16th     Free Church federal Council. I failed to get any of the politically active over homosexuality. Too many pietists and Labour supporters. Michael award, vicar of St Marys was supportive. he parted company with Butler, his bishop, who failed to support a Southall curate in conflict with the Council. It was over care in the Community - housing for those discharged from mental hospital long term care. A housing trust was to be set up, Christian. Anyone would be house irrespective of sexuality. But staff would be Christian and the curate in charge would not sign the council's equal opportunity policy on sexuality. Butler, the bishop, supported the council. not his curate.
19th     Elliott preached.
20th    To Skipton for half term.
26th    Elliott preached.
28th    ladies to dinner.
Nov 12th John with us for half term.
2nd          Larry preached.
4th          Met with ealing Council of churches who I do not recall helping the Parents Action Group which met too.
8th           Drs Anna and M C Matthews from Vellore Christian Hospital India to dinner. No-one knows MC's forename. He was a communist as a student, was converted and his life is devoted as a consultant paediatrician to helping outcast disabled children. He was at GOS Hospital.
10th       John back to school. Elliott preached. Braithwaites to lunch.
15th       Presbyterian Conference, Cole Abbey. Talks by the pastor, John Rich;s, Ed Clowney and Donald Macleod. Out od this was to come eventually the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales. I do not know why they were not closer to IPC from the start. I was to preach regularly at their Cambridge Church plant. As denominations we are like two overlapping circles and I want to see us as one in time. Some in IPC think EPCEW too truly reformed wanting to crowd every T and dot all the eyes, very conservative. Some in EPCEW want us together. Others have thought us too easy going and imprecise. Well we are now better organised and growing as they are.
16th      I preached.
17th      Congregational meeting.
18th      Debbie birthday party. One classmate was Felix Gummer, son of the cabinet minister.
20th      Met Harry Greenway and Parents Action Group.
25th      Parent's Action Group
29-30th Synod.