Monday, November 19, 2018

The changing world (234) May 2000

May 1st Lunch at Burroughs.
2nd        Shammi Malik, graduate from Pakistan started work. On trial. Seems OK.
3rd         Housegroup at Judy's. Put up poster, Ram Gidoomal for London mayor.
4th         Erin departed for Canada without a goodbye. Stayed up until 2am for mayoral election results but count not completed/
5th         Deb to Norwich interview. Red Ken Livingstone is London mayor.
6th         Session agreed David a £12K salary. With Katy to awful Hayes RC church for Bach Mass.
7th         Led for SC at Boddington boys' baptism.
9th         Elders and deacons building committee. Will redevelop the flat.
10th       Housegroup here Est 1.
11th       Found Strict Baptist John Kilpatrick at lunchtime. Good chat. Our receptionist Marilyn introduced me to her friend Victoria Gowon, former first lady of Nigeria. David applying for a room at 52 Cleveland Road.
12th       Took staff to Tally Ho for birthday lunch then dinner for four at Granville harvester, £50.
13th       To Amersham to see college for Deb. To Starvin Marvins and unofficial presbytery discussing plans for Less and Dulwich
14th        Bose Onamusi visited from Wycliffe. SC baptised Denham children. Visited Acton London Transport museum.
15th        Raul and I chaired members' meeting. Pleasantly surprised by unanimous support for employing David.
16th        Visited Marjorie who is quite perky despite being in Northwick park again.
17th         Very tired at Judy's for housegroup.
18th         Phoned Crowder of Surecar to see if he can get us a Mondeo estate.
19th         After work to Harlow and dinner with Biddlescombes.
20th         Lords with Chris Paddock. Saw England put on over 250 with Hick and Stewart centuries than Gough take four yo get Zimbabwe out for 36.
21st         Rachel TFG Annan Court. SC on Laodicea. Aimed at IPC? But I was complimented. Very good pot luck in honour of Constables who're given leaving presents. I will miss the Shakespearean scholars quotes about the bard.
He led evening prayer.
22nd     Getting grant forms for Deb.
23rd     Lunchtime to buy SC a book moment.
24th     Gave SC Lloyd-Jones book on Westminster Conferences.Heard fro Charlie. He is now i professor and in Germany with his family.
25th      Luch at Kilpatrick's. Charlie on phone.
26th      Margaret irritates. Shammi fine.
27th      Final session with SC. Welly put down. Sad. Tony Young kindly said to pay later just leave him and go home. Subscribed to Sky Sports to see England 1 Brazil 1.I had previously been told not to do it as i would be watching too much football at home. Did barbecue with J&M here.
28th      Preached Is 43-44. Talk with David B aver future plans including the bus;ding.Braithwaites with us.
29th      To Hampton Court and Thames walk with J&M.
30th      50th birthday lunch for Dr Parker. First meeting of pastoral search committee.
31st       Mondeo arrived from Coventry. First of several cars from Surecar.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The changing world (233) Apr 2000

Apr 1st Taken in by BBC Grandstand purporting to show the Murrayfield pitch dyed the colour of St Andrew's cross.
2nd       Led for SC on Gen 2.
3rd       Heard from Dutch newspaper editor responding to my postings on Chalet Kuyper.
4th       Staff trouble with Donna and Margaret. The boss to sort them.With SC to talk to Lefroys about their girls' baptism. SC is leaving and I am angry.
5th       Instructed to sack Donna. Housegroup shocked to hear SC is leaving.
6th       Gave Donna notice in the morning and she never turned up in the afternoon.
7th       Katy on music course, David B angry over Sis departure.
8th       Session quizzed SC for his reasons to leave. Unhappy wife, the flat, salary, deacons - but not his elders.Katy and Deb at dyslexia course.
9th       SC on marriage. He gave out his resignation letter. I spoke on Kuyper in the evening.
10th     Visited Halletts. Walk by canal.
12th      I am now to have Margaret every morning. She tries my patience for she seems a very poor learner. Session  appoints pastoral search committee and I will do a job description for our David.
13th      Becklers visited with Chis, Marjorie, Judy, Kirsty and Seaber's round to feast with them.
14th      Erin fro Canada to dinner.
15th      Session. SC says I should not lead and Katy not play piano and if David employed he should not report to me. Rosie Barnes wedding, St Pauls W13.
16th      Pot luck for Beckler's who spoke in evening. Katy upset and wants to stop all her music. I too am unhappy but deacons want change.
19th       Deb is back working for me and very quick on the uptake. Housegroup.
21st       Good Friday. SC led and preached. Lacked application. Katy decorating for her dad.
22nd      Katy to exhibition at National gallery. Welly to vet and £100+ bill.
23rd       Lad for David then I preached 1 Cor 15. Miriam thinks she is pregnant.
25th       Interviewed a black JW. Miriam's pregnancy confirmed. Deacons and elders at Kirsty's, St Bernard's. Discussed plans for David.
26th       Erin here. Housegroup - Nehemiah.
27th       With SC to Boddingtons discussing baptism. David and Erin to the Dome and found it rubbish. I never went as the reason for the millennium was never mentioned.
28th        David and Erin to Exeter. Christine to dinner; brightest young lady I have met. Grandad decides to sell and move house.
30th        Led for SC. Lefroy's girls baptisms. Praise! books arrived. I am sad at unnecessary modernisation original hymns.

Friday, November 16, 2018

The changing world (232) Mar 2000

Mar 1st  Housegroup here on Neh 3.
5th         Led for SC on Jonah 4. Evening prayer meeting. Rachel home from Cyprus with ouzo.
6th         Will Leitch round to discus eldership. He is a journalist with BBC Radio 5.
7th          Donna off in the afternoon. She is proving unreliable. Rachel started work in Willesden.
8th          Housegroup Judy's, Neh 5.
10th        Told Donna not to come to work with bare midriff. I also had to tell Theresa about BO. I was somewhat fearful doing it but she took it well and there was no more of the problem. She was such a character that people were surprised I employed her. I only did because I was told to by the boss. But I never regretted it as she was an excellent worker. With three teenage boys and no fathers around she found work to be therapeutic maintaining her sanity.
11th         To Harrow Debenhams for wedding presents for Rosie Barnes and Scott Larson's weddings.
12th         Paul C seemed rather pro-evolution preaching Gen 1:1.
14th         Deb interviewed at High Wycombe.
15th         Difficult journey to work because of a bomb scare at Staples Corner. Neh 6 at housegroup here.
19th        Preached Gen 1.
20th        Margaret Jordan seems an incompetent pharmacy student. No confidence dealing with customers. Eventually the boss and I were in two minds about giving her a satisfactory report at the end of her work. Then we were surprised to find she was one of the top students in the year's pharmacy law exam. Deb accepted at Farnham.
21st         Starvin Marg\vins to celebrate Deb's university place.
22nd        Encouraged that Cath Benton made it to housegroup at Judy's.
23rd         Leeds into semifinals of European Cup.
24th         Session. Unhappy that SC says he will know in a week if he is to leave us at the end of May. Kurt good leading men's study on grace.
25th         Talked with Paul C about plans post-SC. Preached Jos 24.
28th         Watched Who wants to be a Millionaire and decided to apply to be a contestant.
29th         Margery tells us dale is to be put for adoption.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The changing world (231) Feb 2000

Feb 1st Stocktakers did their job. Metro back for £130. Mechanic thinks it was a loose wire.
2nd       Housegroup at ours.
3rd        Second morning diverted via Hendon as A406 slow.
4th        Last day of WE Poonam Patel who worked well. Gave us chocolates. Theresa off sorting out her benefit problems. They messed her up so she got into debt over council tax. DSS not fit for purpose.
6th        SC OK on Jonah. Robert and Marion Rayner to tea.Nikki Parker to lunch.
8th        Metro passed MOT.
9th        Contacted two women for interview. End of Ezra at Judy's housegroup.
10th      Samantha from South Africa promising interview. Theresa off again.
11th      Theresa back but in a mess still financially. DSS has her down as full time work do had cut benefits. Good interview with Michelle who I may employ.
12th       Session. SC not happy to learn he is not first in line for a PCA pastorate in New York. David in Exeter to see friend Evan.
13th       SC on Jonah 2 then homosexuality. David back.
14th        Boss says to employ school leaver.
15th        Donna Hays started. Lacks initiative.
16th        Good housegroup here New 1. Margery brought psychiatrist report on the proposed adoption. David has arrived in canada to see Erin..
17th         Still reading The Times it seems. Thought I had given up before this , Critisising the Tory treasurer for being a non-dom was the final straw for me. That by a paper white owner charged nationality to further his business inter zests -. He remains the Dirty Digger.
18th         Donna has worked well but off after lunch saying she had family responsibilities to care for a younger sister.
19th          Kurt led men's Bible study on grace. Katy away on a course.
20th          SC good on Jonah 3. With SC to Liss congregational meeting about synod's ultimatum. They do not earn too lose us or their elders. I thought it went better than Steve did.
21st           New Indian WE boy started. Filled in PSGB form to have a preregistration pharmacy student, Margaret Jordan interviewed to be half time here for three months and half time with my boss. Her previous employer has been accused of illegal sales of Viagra so the pharmacy inspector asked for help. Rachel had interview with Willesden hospital.
22nd        Rachel has Willesden job. Jeff Skinner, Aussie film maker staying with us.
23rd         David back. Smoking cessation seminar. New 2 in housegroup. Stanley Matthews dies. Riots in Kaduna over imposition of Shari'a law.
24th         Starvin Marvins dinner to celebrate Rachel's job.
26th         To Great Shelford. Walk on Wmploe estate. Deb did not get a place at Bath.
27th          Rachel to Cyprus. Mark from Jews for Jesus spoke on passover. I did Joe 23 in evening.
28th          Margaret preregistration started. Donna off sick. The boss has moved her shop across the road. Deb's Farnham interview went well.
29th          Katy took Deb to see High Wycombe University.    

The changing world (230) Jan 2000

Jan 1st Rob and Christine and deb's friend Jane overnight. Burroughs to meal. David's friend Owen from South Africa stayed. Shakespeare Man of the Millennium.
2nd      Led for SC . David B critical. Dopey at prayer meeting. Eleanor Johnson engaged. She, sister and mother to dinner with Jason from Canada, and Aussie David.
3rd       Braithwaite's to meals. Watched Longitude, excellent on Harrison's chronometer.
4th        Tired. No Theresa and no phone call. Advert for dispenser in local paper.
5th        Theresa off but says she had left a message at reception to say no rail ticket available for her to return. Tired at housegroup at Judy's, Ezra 4.
6th         Mr Alley age 90 tells me we shall both see through the decade together. He was optimistic but wrong IIRC.
7th         Took Liz to lunch on her last day. I am happy to wish her well and see her.
8th         Sermon prep Ps 106.
9th         My sermon went very well and the best received ever. Also man City 2 Leeds 5 in the FA cup was the best I have seen all season. SC on millennium evening.
10th       No replies to advert. Volvo squeaky. Metro still in for service.
11th       Metro back. One phoned reply to advert.
12th       One application received. Metro back. Probably last housegroup at marbles.
13th       Increasing tiredness. Cold and wet.
14th       Called one applicant for interview. Prayer at church.
15th       Chris Bennett drove us to Liss. Presbytery discussed letter to their congregation. CB accepted for church planting.
16th       Barry led for SC.
17th        Interviewed Margaret Wilcox. Impressed and want to employ her.
18th        Irate customer objecting to his prescription being for generic enalapril not the proprietary.
19th        The boss will see Margaret who I will have to train now. Housegroup.
21st         Katy took me to and from work as Metro still in dock.
22nd       Rachel to TFG Annan Court.
23rd        David led for SC. With Deb to Mylett Arms, Sunderland 1 Leeds 2 and my first pipe for two weeks. Preached on Judges.
24th        WE Poonam Patel started. Has initiative.
26th         Margaret Wilcox turned down the job. Housegroup at Judy's.
28th         Katy transported me as still no Metro.
30th         Lewis from Gunnersbury preached eb]venin g.
31st          Put advert in job centre. Harold Shipman guilty of 15 murders. may have killed hundreds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The changing world (229) Dec 1999

Dec 1st Housegroup at ours.
2nd       After work did the shopping with deb as Katy had runs.
3rd        Coach Edgware to Dover. Ferry delayed due to storm. Six hours to Cologne.
4th        City cold and crowded. Cathedral impressive. How did the RAF miss it? Christmas market improved by gluten which made Katy tipsy.
5th         Home via ferry 10pm.
8yh        Liz handed in notice. The boss tells me to match the pay rise she has been offered but the boss and I are happy if she goes. Rachel invited to be bridesmaid for Joanne Bulmer.
9th         Volvo has been under repair for a week.
10th        Local Conservatives choosing a parliamentary candidate. None of the three appeared Christian or pro-life. Charles walker chosen. No match for Pound.
11th         Volvo cost £455. A burnt wire the problem. Bought cards and started printing the Christmas letter.
12th         Walked out when the morning service became a nativity play. Took wine to Leonard who is recovering from a second knee operation. Mo Ali sports personality of the century, Lennox Lewis of the year.
13th         Next door Margery Ehler's funeral at Greenford baptist and then cemetery and wake.
14th         The boss agreed to Deb working next week. Housegroup.  Conservative mayoral candidates are an adulterer and a homosexual. It led to me leaving the party.
17th          Off work to shop with Katy and Deb at Brent Cross. Retirement party at the home of Dr Riley. Thou shalt not covet her Staffordshire figure of the young Spurgeon preaching.
18th          Not well. Rachel said to go to A&E at Ealing. Abused by a black who would not switch off his phone. Penicillin prescribed.
19th          Read Isaiah at carol service and cried at the memory of dad when singing O come all ye faithful.
20th          Had to keep going at work despite a cold. Deb a big help.The women will yap so.
21st         Hamilton loses libel case against Al Fayed.
22nd        Housegroup at Judy's. Biggest moon ever obscured by cloud.
23rd         Deb a big help again with Liz sick.
24th         Very wet. No Liz. Finished at 5pm and took presents to liz and picked up Grandad.
25th          Picked up Chris Paddock who was with us for the day after 11am service.
26th          Our David preached. Leeds top of the league.
27th          Had 73 round for drinks then over to Briggs.
29th          Back to work. J&M here.
30th         Grandad went back home.
31st         10am saw Tonga welcome the new Year with the Hallelujah chorus. Deb and david to London for the fireworks. Rest of us at IPC. I did millennium quiz. Ended the watch night service at 11:57, rand the bell, let off rockets. Huge numbers of fireworks. Bed 2am. But of course next year's new years eve is the real millennium eve. And the anticipated computer chaos never happened.

The changing world (228) Nov 1999

Nov 1st Checking Deb's contextual study work.
2nd        Housegroup at ours, Deb 12.
5th         Night of prayer at IPC. Stayed to 9:30. Washing machine packed up.
6th         Aussies beat France in world cup final in Cardiff and their country votes to keep the queen as head of state.
7th         Sunil Raheja preached. Evening prayer meeting.
8th         Took ladies to Tally Ho for Liz's birthday. Church meeting went well with finances good.
9th          After being tired at work to Deb's college where her lecturers say she has the talent to apply for university.
10th        Housegroup at Margery's finished Hebrews.
11th        Observed the two minutes silence at work.
12th        Very cold at lunchtime.
13th         With SC to talk to Pete Boddington about becoming an elder. Found there are plans for a manse. Barbara Constable very upset at perceived lack of care by the church.
14th          SC on contentment. Paul C on futurology. Jodey from S Africa with us.
16th          L'Abri trustees want Cybershelter to not use L;Abri's name.
17th          Met with financial advisor who says our trust is doing well.
18th          To Starvin martins celebrating Deb's birthday. Jasmin who spent Christmas 1996 with us visited. She is working in an international travel exhibit in Hong Kong.
19th          First news item Cherie Blair pregnant. Took Udo Middleman for a beer at THE KENT. Talked of how he left L'Abri and antagonism with Ranald.
20th          Synod. Felt bad about Less being forced to leave us over Barry saying that infant baptism is not of the essence of the Westminster Confession so Baptist elders are fine. Udo and Chris Bennett present.To Hounslow hearing Katy play Haydn, Sibelius and Elgar.
21st         David led service. I do not like music played during prayer. Jeffrey Archer stood down as London mayoral candidate for not telling the truth in an old libel case.
22nd      Sick in the night and bad at work not banging to get a locus until 3:30 pm.Chinese takeaway for Jonathan's birthday. Chaired wont elders and deacons at Clowneys and we are to have a committee to plan for a new manse.
23rd        Much recovered but Davis and deb now sick. Wrote to congregation about building.
24th        Both children sick all day. Housegroup at Judy's will study Ezra.
25th        Deb still sick but David at college. Booking German trip.
26th        Breaking the Code at Questors. About Turing. Good play. bad homosexual message.
28th        David Smith on wise men. I led and presided. Thanksgiving lunch.Katy at school with pensioners. David Smith in the evening on contemporary issues of secularisation. Good like the old L'Abri days.
30th         Too tired to go to pharmacy education evening. Katy tense with end of term. Sold her old cello for £500.

The changing world (227) Oct 1999

Oct 1st With Katy and her former cello teacher Pt McKernan to Italian restaurant. Good but could have been better.
2nd        Katy at music course. made a worker on the L'Abri internet group, Cybershelter.
3rd         Led for SC. Went to Watford 1 Leeds 2. Top of the league. Good evening prayer meeting. David preached at URC Orpington.
4th         Tired so a bit down.
5th         Tired so hard going. Ladbroke Grove rail crash at least 26 killed.
6th          Better day and busy. Housegroup at Judy's.
7th          Not so happy at work and nt so busy.
9th          Martin and Daniella Biddlescombe to dinner.
10th          My sermon on cities of refuge went well. David preached Wokingham.
12th          Ealing Hospital says I am OK apart from athletes foot. Katy visited Margery in response to a whining letter.
13th          Leg swollen so antibiotic resumed. Finished Hebrews at housegroup at marbles.
14th        Some better with making an effort to keep the leg up.
15th          Deb to doctor with bad finger then I had to take her to Central Middlesex.
16th          Drove north to Harrogate and went to Leeds 2 Sheffield Wednesday 0.
17th          Not happy that when we take Dorothy out she wants t be home early for TV. Roy Newell at Thirsk Methodist. Lunch at Angel.Back via Wharfedale.
18th          Again Dorothy wants back early when we take her to Howtown, Ullswater. Boat to Glenridding. Tea at Hawes creamery. Dinner at tatty Red Lion. Never has been what it once was, the best in Yorkshire.
19th           To Saltaire and saw Hockney exhibition in the mill. Locks at Bingley. Haworth. Harry Ramsden's fish and chips.
20th           Via Bradford, Huddersfield,Holmfirth, Glossop to Joe and Lucy in Wilmslow then Leapers where once again on air bed in lounge.
21st             Bliss Hall Museum, Victorian village, Ironbridge. Very good. Foundry talked of bubbling. me great grandfather's trade.
22nd           To home and an Indian takeaway for David's birthday.
23rd             Braithwaite's to dinner.
24th              SC good on prayer. MTW young couple from Turkey to lunch, Chris and Lisa Moore.
25th             Nurses tell me to wear stocking on stolen leg. More time on my feet now.
26th             Back to wearing surgical stockings for lymphodema.
27th             Housegroup Merilees.
28th              Tired and down at work.
29th              After work Mike Peat took me to Hoppers, Five oak Green, Kent, very old former pub for men's away day.
30th              Talks by SC and Kurt. I was tired and they were dull. Elanor Johnson's 21st party.
31st               SC on prayer and also on Phi 2.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


If photos not visible email me for pdfs.

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust Press Release, 12 November 2018

Today, Baroness Cox has returned from a fact-finding mission to Nigeria, where thousands of Christians have reportedly been killed in escalating attacks led by Fulani militia. She visited the Anguldi Refugee Camp in Jos, Plateau State, which provides shelter to 2,600 IDPs, and spoke to a number of survivors. Extracts of their testimonies are recorded below.
The scale of suffering:
  • The Christian Association of Nigeria estimates that, between January and June this year, around 6,000 people have been killed by Fulani militia.
  • The Global Terrorism Index in 2016 and 2017 named Fulani militants as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, with only Boko Haram, ISIS and al-Shabab being accounted deadlier.
  • There are almost two million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria. The vast majority have been displaced by the insurgencies of Boko Haram and Fulani militia.
    Survivor testimonies:
    “They shot Sarah’s husband and children and so she begged them to kill her too, but they refused, saying that they wanted her to cry and bear the pain.” An account by Deaconess Susan Essam in Jos
    “My sister was raped and her wrists cut off before she was shot through the heart. They took my brother, his wife and all their six children, tied and slaughtered them like animals.” Margaret, Ngar village
    “They were hacking and killing people, making sure that those that were shot were finished off...They wore red to conceal blood splashes on their clothes as they butchered their victims.” Lydia, Ningon village
    “I called my brother but there was no reply. The next morning I found out that he, his wife and four others were shot, butchered and burnt.” Helen, Gana-Ropp
    “They were going from house to house, looting and taking away anything they found valuable and then setting the houses on fire.” Helen, Ex-Land village
    Baroness Cox said:
    “The UK Government and mainstream media have characterised these attacks as ‘ethnic riots’ or ‘tit-for-tat tribal clashes between farmers and herders’. While the causes of violence are complex, the asymmetry and escalation of attacks by well-armed Fulani upon predominately Christian communities is stark and must be acknowledged. We must not ignore their suffering any longer.” 020 8205 4608

    The escalating persecution and displacement of Christians in northern and central Nigeria
    The ruins of Trinity Church in Jos, Plateau State
    A visit report by Baroness Cox and Revd David Thomas
    Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust November 2018
    “They shot Sarah’s husband and children and so she begged them to kill her too, but they refused, saying that they wanted her to cry and bear the pain.”Deaconess Susan Essam, Jos
    “My sister was raped and her wrists cut off before she was shot through the heart. They took my brother, his wife and all their six children, tied and slaughtered them like animals.”Margaret, Ngar village
    “We heard gunshots. 18 people were killed and their bodies were set alight... They burnt homes. An old man who couldn’t run was killed.”Chundung, Kurra
    “They came around 7pm and left just before midnight. More than 200 of them in black cloth – well armed. Yesterday we lost another 19 of our people.”Church Warden at St Timothy Church in Jos
    “They were hacking and killing people, making sure that those that were shot were finished off...They wore red to conceal blood splashes on their clothes as they butchered their victims.”Lydia, Ningon village
    “I called my brother but there was no reply. The next morning I found out that he, his wife and four others were shot, butchered and burnt.”Helen, Gana-Ropp
    “They were going from house to house, looting and taking away anything they found valuable and then setting the houses on fire.”Helen, Ex-Land village
    “We are not safe in our homes. I am raising an alarm – if the government will listen. Lord in your mercy.”Archbishop Ben Kwashi, Jos
    Summary of meetings
    During our visit, we were privileged to meet:
    The Most Revd Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, Anglican Diocese of Jos
    The Rt Revd Musa M. Tula, the Anglican Bishop of Bauchi
    The Rt Revd Zacchaeus the Anglican Bishop of Kano
    Bala Mohamed Adam, New Hausa Community leader in Rayfield
    The Revd Canon Hassan John
    The Director of Anguldi Camp and a number of Internally Displaced People
    We also had a telephone conversation with the Rt Revd the Anglican Bishop of Bari in Kano State
    This report consists of summaries of concerns raised during these meetings, including:
    Background information (page 1)Survivor testimonies (page 3)An assessment of the Nigeran Government response (page 9)Views of the local Muslim community (page 10)Conclusion (page 12)
    Strategic land grabbing and the permanent displacement of Christian communities
    Ethnic and religious animosity has fuelled conflicts in Nigeria for decades. The existence of northern radical Islamist sects, for example, has been a source of considerable tension since the country gained independence in 1960. The recent reign of terror inflicted by Boko Haram has been well documented. Less well known, however, is the escalation of attacks by Fulani herders against predominantly Christian communities in the middle belt region.
    The Anglican Bishop of Bauchi, Musa Mwin Tula, represents many of the worst affected areas. He told us: “The conflict between herdsmen and farmers has existed for a long time. But the menace in recent times has jumped from a worrisome itch in the north to a cancerous disease, spreading throughout the country, claiming lives and threatening to spiral into a monster.”
    Who are the Fulani?
    The Fulani are an ethnic group of about 20 million people across 20 west and central African countries. Since time immemorial, they have driven their herds of cattle through other people’s lands, causing tensions and some violence, but traditionally, they have moved on. However in the last two to three years, increasing numbers of Fulani have adopted a new ‘land grabbing’ policy in northern and central Nigeria. They attack rural villages, kill local people, destroy homes, drive villagers off their lands and settle in their place. While there have been attacks by Fulani herders on Muslim farmers in Zamfara State, these are overwhelmingly outnumbered by attacks on Christians.
    The Global Terrorism Index in 2016 and 2017 named Fulani militants as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, with only Boko Haram, ISIS and al-Shabab being accounted deadlier.
    As recently as 1 October, four people including a soldier were killed by Fulani herders in Nkiendoro village, Plateau State. As with other similar attacks, the village was remote and vulnerable. Herders used sophisticated weaponry, forcing families to flee their homes and farmland. Two churches were burned, 17 water pumps were demolished, and 47 farms were cut and destroyed.
    What is the Fulani ‘land grabbing’ strategy?
    Attacks on farming communities tend to follow a similar pattern. The Fulani will use young cattle herders to scout a village. These children will speak to local people, ascertaining whether villagers are armed and where any weapons are kept. The Fulani will send a ‘warning signal’ to the village 1-2 weeks before the attack. But as the message is delivered to an individual, or is brought via a child, the Army often refuse to respond. The insurgency begins with about 50-100 Fulani herders shooting outside the village. They shout “Allahu Akbar” and attack homes of pastors, community heads and local vigilantes – having previously ascertained information from the young cattle herders. In one attack last year, three villages received a ‘warning signal’ and were attacked. Many fled but the Army put those who could not flee into a classroom; then the Army fled. The classroom was attacked and 29 out of 30 villagers were killed.
    The scale of suffering
    Thousands of civilians have died in communal attacks led by Fulani militia.
    Human rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide report that, in the first quarter of 2018, the Fulani perpetrated at least 106 attacks in central Nigeria. The death toll for these four months, purely from Fulani militia violence, was 1,061.
    The Christian Association of Nigeria estimate that between January and June this year, around 6,000 people have been killed by Fulani.
    In Nasarawa State alone, in the first six months of 2018, 314 villages were attacked, 404 people were killed, over 24,000 homes and 539 churches destroyed, and over 242,000 persons were displaced. In Plateau State, between mid-2015 and mid-2018, 54 communities were destroyed and another 123 came under sustained attack. The number of deaths in Plateau State in 2018 are estimated at 2,000.
    On 4 July, the Nigerian House of Representatives declared killings in Plateau State to be a genocide.
    Survivor testimonies
    Our small NGO, the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), works with local partners in Nigeria. We are privileged to support the Christian Institute and Mai Akido Reconciliation Project in Jos, and Schools and Clinic in Bari, Kano and in Bauchi. We visited our partners to receive reports of projects receiving funding from HART. We also obtained information on recent developments in areas of northern and central belt states.
    While it was only possible to meet a very limited number of people and therefore obtain limited evidence, the consistency of the information and the experiences of those whom we met is inherently disturbing.
    Recent attacks
    Sarah, from Jos [testimony recorded by Deaconess Susan Essam]
    On the outskirts of the city, under the foothills, are two houses close together, where Sarah (not her real name), her husband and children, her mother, uncle and other family members lived. The Fulani had for a long time been coming around that area to graze their cattle and it was alleged that a Fulani boy was killed around there, but no evidence of that has been seen. On the late evening of Thursday 27 September, they came and killed nine people in one house and three in the other, including a pregnant woman. They shot Sarah’s husband and children and so she begged them to kill her too, but they refused, saying that they wanted her to cry and bear the pain.
    Margaret, from Ngar village
    “We were in our village when we got phone calls of the attack going on in Ex- Land, a village not too far from Ngar. We saw the smoke rising from the distance as the village was being burnt. There was panic everywhere. At about 2pm the Fulani attackers reached our village. They came in numbers. There were gunshots, then we heard the shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ And then lots of gunfire. Many ran to the bushes and were killed, while those that thought they could hide in their rooms were burnt alive. We lived with other Muslims in the village. The attack was on the Christian section of the village. No Muslim or their houses were attacked. Many Christians then ran to homes of Hausa Muslims for safety and protection yet the Fulani Islamists went after them to the houses of the Hausa Muslims where they hid and demanded that the Muslims must bring out the Christians to be
    killed. Those that were sent out were killed. Many others ran to a mosque to hide. Looting and killings were going on but the Imam, Abdullahi Adamu, took many Christians into the mosque for safety. The Fulani came and demanded that the Imam release the Christians to be killed. The Imam said he would not. A long argument ensued and the Imam said he had lived with the Christians and within their community for over 35 years, with their parents and now the children, and had never had a quarrel or issues with the Christians. He said he would not therefore betray them now and insisted they would have to kill him first before getting into the mosque. He said he will have no blood shed in his mosque. I called my sister’s cellphone, Naomi is her name, she lived in the village not too far from me and we had been communicating during the attack, but this time a Fulani answered the phone. We later saw that she was raped and her wrists cut off before she was shot through the heart. They took my brother, his wife and all their six children, tied and slaughtered them like animals. 18 people were killed in the house that day, the rest were all burnt alive. A Muslim saved my life and my four children. I took refuge in their house.”
    Church Warden at St Timothy Church, Jos
    “They came around 7pm and left just before midnight. More than 200 of them in black cloth – well armed. Yesterday we lost another 19 of our people. We are not safe.”
    St Timothy Church in Jos, Plateau State
    Trinity Church, Jos
    Trinity Church had suffered a previous attack, which left it largely in ruins. It was attacked again on 1 October. The militants took or destroyed all the music equipment, which included ten speakers, a 12-channel audio mixer, a petrol power generator, a keyboard, as well as the alter table and 85 chairs. Two Security staff escaped through a door at the back of the compound. Before the escalation of attacks, Trinity Church had a congregation of 700-800. Today, there are only 20 worshippers.
    After Trinity Church was destroyed by Fulani herders, the congregation moved to a tent, which was also destroyed.
    Lydia, from Ningon village, Gashing District
    “They capture cows and surround our villages. They use pick-ups, guns and loot and burn our homes. Before the attack, the Fulani told us: ‘There’s no point in sowing because we won’t have a harvest to reap’. They were hacking and killing people, making sure that those that were shot were finished off. They wore black and red – red to conceal blood splashes on their clothes as they butchered their victims. Soldiers, possibly Fulani in military uniforms, shot and
    killed anyone who resisted. We were surrounded so some people climbed trees and managed to escape after the attack. My husband was killed in the attack by Fulani.”
    Chundung, from Kurra, Burom
    “We were at a funeral on a Saturday morning when, outside the church, we heard gunshots. 18 people were killed and their bodies were set alight. The attack continued until 5pm. Fulani wore black. They burnt homes. An old man who couldn’t run was killed. Some women and children gathered their possessions and hid in bushes. But we left with nothing. I had to run 20 miles to a military camp, where I was put into truck to Kurra before being moved to Barkin Ladi. Then Kurra was attacked and five were killed.”
    Helen, from Ex-land village
    “Around 10am I heard gunshots and people started fleeing to bushes. We received a phone call saying a woman was killed, so we collected her body. She had been shot in the head. When she was killed someone saw a boy in white clothing who was taken to police station. While he was being interrogated, the Fulani came and demanded his release. They mobbed an outpost and returned wearing black and red. I went with five others to hide in a room. I lay flat on the floor and prayed with my children as houses were torched. They were carrying petrol bombs. They were in vehicles. They were going from house to house, looting and taking away anything they found valuable and then setting the houses on fire thereafter. After the attack, at 5pm, I phoned my husband but he didn’t answer. He was killed and left on a road to decompose. My children had taken refuge in a Muslim home. Those who survived were those who went to Muslim homes and told to be quiet. But on Sunday, we heard a message that if Muslims continued to provide shelter, they would be killed. A red Cross vehicle was attacked and worker shot in the foot. 37 were killed in total.”
    Kaneng, from Kakuruk
    “It was 23 June and I was on my way to a burial. But I was told the road was not safe. Someone had been killed on the way to the funeral. We saw smoke from the village and noticed that the Fulani were preparing for an attack. So we hid for three days until the military took them away. 10 people were killed.”
    Helen, from Gana-Ropp
    “The attack began at 5pm on 23 June. I called my brother but there was no reply. The next morning I found out that my brother, his wife and four others were shot, butchered and burnt. On 30 June, my home and the hospital was burnt. Six people were killed in a clinic in Mararaban Kantoma. In Gana-Ropp, 9 were killed and 69 houses destroyed.”
    Meeting with IDPs
    There are almost two million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria. The vast majority have been displaced by the insurgencies of Boko Haram and Fulani militia. While the exact numbers are unknown, according to the Plateau State Emergency Management Agency, 38,051 IDPs had taken refuge in 31 camps in the state following recent violence (figure from July 2018).
    We visited Anguldi refugee camp in Jos, Plateau State, which provides shelter to 2,600 IDPs, and spoke to a number of survivors. Extracts of their testimonies are recorded below.
    1,000 children and 800 women sleep in this room at Anguldi IDP Camp7
    “On the day of the attack in Gashish district, on 23 June, a Fulani youth killed a woman. When he was arrested and taken to a police outpost, the Fulani challenged the arrest. A phone call from Abuja led to the boy’s release. Later in the day, the Fulani attacked 14 villages, killing many people.”
    Hearing testimonies at Anguldi IDP Camp
    “The attack started at Ex-land. Simultaneously other villages were attacked, starting with shooting from afar. There were communications between those attacking different villages. The Fulani were running. The Fulani were in front, with soldiers behind. They looted homes then burn them. 14 villages were attacked.”
    “Soldiers were directed to loot houses. In all the villages attacked, the military were directed to remove any weapons so people were left defenceless. In all these crises, not one Fulani was killed.”
    Nigerian Government response
    We heard numerous reports that Fulani attacks are taking place with the Nigerian Government’s connivance.
    We were told that the Army is aware of the location of Fulani training camps in the hills around Kurra Falls up to Riyom Local Councils, but has failed to take sufficient action. The army has ordered the confiscation of weapons from local farming communities, which residents deem necessary for self-defence against attacks, yet there is no equivalent record of disarmament of Fulani bases. Soon after the confiscation of weapons, the Fulani attack.
    The Christian Association of Nigeria report that all military chiefs are supporters of Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria. They are concerned that the military support the Fulani, who are armed by the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association. The President is Patron, and it comprises retired military officers, Fulani and non-Fulani Muslims.
    In Anguldi IDP camp we were told: “In more than ten years of crisis in Jos, local people observed a connivance of militants with the military on many occasions. For example, the Government sent in a helicopter with military and Fulani met them. The soldiers were distributed to Fulani homes. The Fulani herdsmen go about with AK47s and soldiers can’t challenge them.”
    Earlier this year, Nigeria’s former army chief of staff and Defence Minister, Lietenant General Theophilus Y Danjuma, said the armed forces were “not neutral; they collude” in the “ethnic cleansing in...riverine states” by Fulani militia. He insisted that villagers must defend themselves because “depending on the armed forces” will result in them dying “one by one. The ethnic cleansing must stop”.
    British journalist Douglas Murray, who visited the north last year, reported that
    “every village has a similar story. A few days before any attack, a military helicopter is spotted dropping arms and other supplies into the areas inhabited by the Fulani tribes... thousands have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displaced... the army fails to perform its most basic duties.”
    We understand that youths in Jos are taking matters into their own hands by going on violent reprisals against Muslims who they believe are backed by the Government. Such reprisals cannot be condoned. Clearly, there is an urgent
    need for the authorities to enforce the rule of law to protect all its citizens, including minorities. The provision for freedom of worship and association is enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, the Nigerian Government has been accused of only occasionally investigating or prosecuting those responsible for abusing religious freedom.
    Meeting with Muslim community leaders
    Meeting with Bala Mohamed Adam
    Bala Mohamed Adam is the New Hausa Community leader in Rayfield and Assistant National Secretary of Izala Sunni Islamic Sect.
    “The people of Mai Adiko, Rayfield welcome you and have observed that peaceful coexistence is a major factor in helping humanity to experience stability. We come from different parts of Nigeria. But we are all one family.
    “Our forefathers came from all parts to do tin mining, which was brought in by colonial masters, plus by people from outside the country including Cameroon. I
    was born here. My father was the last head of the community who was the Captain in charge of mining. Every community brought in by the UK settled okay with locals.
    “The source of our problems is politics. The Christian politicians in Church say Christians should vote as Christians. Muslims are the same. It is the politics of religion.
    “A lot has happened to us. We’ve been cordoned off, surrounded and attacked. Since the genesis of killings in Plateau, there has been loss of many lives in communities here. We remain steadfast to stay here because there is nowhere else to go. Here, we talk about peace in locality. All of us have stake in this place as there is nowhere to go. So we promote peace.
    “My message to the Muslim Community in UK: London brought forefathers to this place. We need assistance. We are Muslims and need to help youth who are idle. Our fathers and grandfathers brought here are elderly now. The UK Government should help them with things that will make life better. Because the UK, which brought our forefathers to this place, have returned home. Tin mining is no longer there. People are left unable to send children to school or vocational training. The quality of State education is very poor.”
    Anguldi IDP Camp in Jos [Photo credit: The Revd Canon Hassan John, Global Christian News]
    Immediate engagement: The Nigerian administration has taken steps to counter the Boko Haram insurgency. However, it has not demonstrated the same commitment to tackle the escalating violence perpetrated by Fulani herders.
    Narrative: The UK Government and mainstream media characterise these pre- planned, ideologically-motivated attacks as ‘ethnic riots’ or ‘tit-for-tat tribal clashes between farmers and herders’. While the causes of violence are complex, the asymmetry and escalation of attacks by well-armed Fulani upon predominately Christian communities is stark and must be acknowledged.
    International recognition: This situation fulfils the criteria of genocide and should be recognised as such, with the responsibility of the international community to respond accordingly.
    Research: There is an urgent need for visits by international government representatives to investigate the situation and to reassure the local communities.
    Regional forum: Conferences amongst Sahelian countries of West Africa should be convened regarding the situation with the Fulani and the way violent mercenaries invade Nigeria.
    Long-term solution: There needs to be recognition that the setting up of grazing reserves for Fulani can never be more than a temporary measure and that nomadic farming is economically non-viable.
    Rehabilitation: As suggested in the National Assembly of Nigeria, a special Reconstruction Fund should be established to rehabilitate the victims and communities, as has happened with the victims of Boko Haram attacks.
    Preventative action: Assisted dialogue should be promoted between local sedentary Fulani and farming communities to help prevent local Fulani from being recruited by violent elements.
    We are deeply grateful to all who met us and shared information and experiences. We are particularly profoundly grateful to those who, despite the pain, told us their personal stories of horrendous suffering, with great courage.
    The burnt remains of civilians killed by Fulani herders
    Extracts of a speech by the President of the Church of Christ in Nations, Revd Dr Dachollom Chumang Datiri, on the visit to President Muhammadu Buhari
    “The Church Of Christ In Nations (COCIN) is a Christian denomination that came into being as a result of the missionary work of Dr. Helmann Karl Kumm... Our membership has grown to about 3 million across Nigeria. We also have Churches in UK, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.
    “...Mr President, we wish to confirm to you that COCIN has her headquarters in Jos with about 65% of the population of Plateau State being her members. This we believe gives us first-hand knowledge of the true facts on the ground.
    “Your Excellency, in the last eighteen years, COCIN as a denomination has suffered destruction of lives and property more than any church or any community. The devastation in terms of massacre of lives and destruction of property is unimaginable.
    a) Pastors and members in their thousands have been killed in cold blood, either shot dead or slaughtered like animals or burned to death. Houses and businesses have been burned or looted and farmlands have been destroyed.
    b) In the North East, COCIN has suffered losses more than anybody in Yobe, Borno (Maiduguri, Gwoza, Chibok, etc.) and in Adamawa States. And yet, despite the huge government intervention in that area, very little relief has come to COCIN and her members, if any. We are aware that a lot of government intervention in terms of relief material has gone to the North East. Unfortunately, our members in that zone have been left out of the distribution.
    c) In Tafawa, Balewa and Bogoro LGAs of Bauchi State where COCIN boasts of more than 90% of the population, lives lost are in their thousands and property destroyed estimated in billions of Naira. We have also suffered heavy losses in Taraba, Benue, Nasarawa, Kaduna States, etc.
    d) In Plateau State, the lives lost have been in thousands, and property destroyed have been in billions of Naira. This year alone, the devastation has not only been enormous but unbelievable. Even on the day you visited
    Jos in March and launched the Peace Roadmap, Your Excellency, lives were being massacred in Bokkos and Bassa Local Government Areas. And in June, over three hundred people (about 350) were massacred, slaughtered in cold blood over a period of three days in Barkin Ladi and Riyom Local Government Areas. Since then, almost on a daily basis, people are either ambushed and shot dead or attacked in their homes and killed in cold blood, or killed on their farms.
    “The narrative has been that these people are killed by unknown gunmen, or suspected herdsmen, or that there have been farmer-herders clashes. All these are deceptive narratives deliberately framed to conceal the truth and continue to perpetrate the evil.
    “The truth is that our people have been attacked and killed by Fulani Militias heavily armed with sophisticated guns including AK47, machine guns, and Rocket Propelled Grenades.
    “After the attacks it is the Fulani herders that settle and graze their cattle on the farms of the victims. Are we to believe that the armed forces sent to keep peace go with the instructions to protect them? The implication is that they protect the aggressors and leave the victims mercilessly helpless.
    “The proficiency and mode of operation in all of these attacks, as testified by the surviving victims, leaves us in no doubt of the complicity of the military being used as hired mercenaries by the Fulani militias. On this, we are disappointed, and sadly so, that Government has not delivered on her constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and property.
    “...Hereunder is a summary of some of the affected areas:
    Barkin Ladi and Riyom Local Government Areas, 23-25 June 2018

    i. Number of Displaced persons – 1714
    ii. Number of Houses burned – 474
    iii. Number of farmlands destroyed – 1430 iv. Number of Churches destroyed – 12
    v. Number of persons killed – 350

    Bokkos Local Government Area, March 2018

    i. Number of Displaced persons – 5,617 ii. Number of House destroyed – 2,513 iii. Number of villages dislodged – 7
    iv. Number of Churches destroyed – 9 v. Number of persons killed – 43

    Bassa Local Government Area, September 2017- October 2018
    i. Number of displaced persons – 11, 457 ii. Number of Houses destroyed – 1,345 iii. Number of villages dislodged – 16
    iv. Number of Churches destroyed – 9

    v. Number of persons killed – 253
    On the Plateau, with the attacks on communities in Barkin Ladi, Bassa, Bokkos, and Riyom; as well as in Jos North Local Government in the recent past as seen above, there are not less than thirty-eight thousand (38,000) refugees in over ten IDP camp, with very little or grossly inadequate government intervention. The church has been overstretched trying to provide succour to these poor victims of man’s inhumanity to fellow human beings.
    “...The Church has always been the last hope for the poor, downtrodden, depressed and broken. It is the first place for rehabilitation. If the IDPs are resettled in their various communities, their usual meeting points are their Churches, schools and hospitals established by the same Church. The Church buildings and institutions should be rebuild...”
    Revd Dr Dachollom Chumang Datiri President of the Church of Christ in Nations 6 November 2018

The changing world (226) Sep 1999

Sepn1st Change of antibiotic. All family in London visited.
2nd       Visits by Chris hosier, Barbara constable, Beldams and my daughters.
3rd         Visited by Halletts and family.
6th         Second drip in now on other ar - heparin in case of thrombosis.
7th         Chris Baddock visited.
8th         Fed up with delirious man in next bed and no ultra sound of my leg for two more days.
9th         Seaber's visited.
10th       Discharged to home.
11th       At last an undisturbed night. Willard Wight at Last Night of the Proms. Our Chinese friend Charlie was to meet him for research but never told us beforehand.
12th       Leg pain on and off all day. Pot luck for Mark and Sue. John Treckois upset after his brother murdered.  To abbey for RC baptism of Max and Justin from 73 followed by party.
13th       Stephen Procter at presbytery. Chris Bennett wants to church plant.
14th        GP signs me off for this week. A t town hall for pharmacy workshop on men's health. Yet another r homosexual in charge.
15th        Housegroup at Judy's.
16th         Cold and wet. News from Carol and Gordon is not good.
17th         Katy has new cello teacher.
18th         Session seeing to sort out tension between randy and SC.
19th         SC on war.  David preaching at Hayes.
20th         Back to work and touched by concern expressed by staff and customers. Full pay given for time off sick.
21st          Leg hot and swollen so more oral antibiotics from GP.
22nd         Housegroup marines. Marjorie says she is leaving due to lack of care from deacons and SC. She did not leave.
23rd          Paim  further up leg. had to work as no locus. GP said hospital in case of DVT. Admitted by Ealing. Sleepless night on assessment ward.
24th           Admitted to regular ward where one was dying of pneumonia, one senile, one uncommunicative. DVT ruled out by scan.
25th            Five family plus Nigel and Randy visited. One man died. Pakistani admitted who peed on the floor.
26th            Three family and ballets visited.
27th             Discharged and to New Leaf Chinese celebrating Rachel's 24th.
28th              Out with deb and friend Thomas in his car.
29th              Margery distressed to hear the adoption case for dale will be heard next week. Housegroup Marliees.
30th              Back to work against advice of family and staff but i need the money as less earned last month. Roy Clements infidelity reported in the Times.

Diary w/e 17 Nov 2018

Sun 11 Nov

I was on duty as the Ealing elder visiting IPC St Peter's Liss while they lack their own session. Ealing elders take this delightful duty in turns each Sunday. So we enjoyed a beautiful centenary remembrance day service led by James Buchanan the Liss pastor. He reminded us that more than fifty men died in WWI from this village and after eh silence the choir sang a beautiful piece on a new heavens and new earth. James sermon on The Good Shepherd is God who holds his sheep secure was most encouraging. We were treated to a very tasty lunch then back to Ealing for evening service but I left for the Immigration Removal Centre before the sermon. At Harmonsworth I had new detainees from Brazil, Ghana and Nigeria. They were encouragingly appreciative of my sermon on providence - God in control of why you are here locked up and he is working for his glory and your good no matter what evil some may purposes against you.

Mon 12 Nov

It took two trips to the Halifax to pay off a mortgage that was not mine. I hate banks and avoid them wherever possible.

Tue 13 Nov

Over three hours at Ealing hospital helping my 91 year old friend undergo a pre-cataract surgery assessment. Five people to examine her and a wait between each of them. But I did get to chat with my favourite nurse who trained at Vom where I worked 1970-73. We chat in Hausa. Katy and I have watched a lot of BBC on the WW1 centenary. Well done and very moving. One came away thankful.

Wed 14 Nov

Podiatry give me a good report. No more dressings. Planted out crab apple tree. Newly rearranged housegroup. Introduction to Titus.

Thu 15 Nov

Moorfields at Ealing say my eye is no better no worse. Return in three months. Haircut. HMS Pinafore by Julian Light Opera at Questors Theatre. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Fri 16 Nov

Wine and cheese party for civic opening of our new building. God chat with Sinclair Ferguson. Met the mayor and the architect too.

Sat 17 Nov

Great official opening service of the new IPC premises, Sinclair Ferguson preaching.

Monday, November 12, 2018

The changing world (225) Aug 1999

Aug 1st Led for David Barnes on dancing before the ark. Peter Braithwaite weds Amy at Barnett. Chase Hotel Enfield for reception.
3rd      Rachel back with suntan and ouzo for me.
4th      Rachel back to work but came home sick.
5th      Rachel off work. The difference with public sector employment. You still get paid when sick.
6th      Katy and Rachel brought David home from Heathrow. says they are just friends.
7th        Books from library to gen up on Czech holiday.
8th      Randy led for me on prodigal son. Preached from Joshua at night.
9th       Anniversary celebrated at Cafe Rouge. Cheese poor. Mobile phone came, our first. Expensive tarif.
10th      David and Tristram decided on an early start tomorrow to see the eclipse in Devon.
11th      David left 2am and back 11;30pm. Cloud obscures the 100% for them, but not for our 97%. All work stopped for 15 minutes to watch it.
12th      Left 6:15 for Victoria. Oxford. Folkstone. Stops near Rheims and the German border. Slept fitfully despite temazepam. Three with us who were on the Austrian trip last year.
13th     An hour delay at Czech border. 7:30 arrived Berova near Prague. Into the city. Wensleslas Square. Old town square. Charles bridge. Noisy disco to 4am.
14th     Guided tour of Prague from the castle.
15th     Slovakia scenery lovely. Stary Smokovec 7:30pm. Hotel pretty basic.
16th     Novy Smokovec. Free day. Changing money a slow job. Walked on our own in country but path unclear . Boots uncomfortable. Back by train.
17th     To Levoca a medieval walled town. Tramp up to Spis castle. Hot dip in thermal spring. Beer 20p a pint, spirits 30p a shot.
18th     To limestone caves near Polish border. Two folk villages. Hitler hid his troops here before invading Poland.
19th     Took bus to Popad and back by train.
20th      To Preny Plasow. Walked by lake and 10 miles back to hotel on my own. Turkey quake may have killed 45,000.
21st       Train to Talatra Loninska. Up a cold mountain by cable car.
22nd      To a village brethren assembly but no translation. Strebe Please chair lift.
23rd       To Bratislava.
24th        Danube cruise short and disappointing. Via Vienna to Germany.
25th        Home via channel tunnel and I have a 100F fever. Told locus I may not be in to work as expected. Deb as A/S level grade C in art.
26th        Mike, locus, said to take two days off. Doctor said unknown fever. Right leg going red and swelling.
27th        GP sent me to Ealing hospital. Cellulits. Admitted with 40.4C. Food cool and stodgy.
28th        Visited by Margery and greys. Trying halal food as curry has taste. Temperature down and feeling better. David had my ticket for Spurs1 Leeds 2.
29th        Visits from David, Rachel, SC, Mike Peate, Paul Clowney, Katy and her dad.
30th Visits from Family, Hallett, David Barnes. Found the day room for a pipe.Boss had locus booked for a week.Elliott phoned and says a week in hospital at least.
31st        Leg less swollen. Walked round hospital and St Bernards.

The changing world (224) Jul 1999

Jul 1st last day of course on cardio-vascular at edgware. Aaron cooked barbecue at ours for katy Schenk, David's friend. Marty Larson, Mark Larson and family, Andrew Phelps, Marc lawler, Eileen and Caleb, Kurt, Rob Vince and Eleanor from OM came.
2nd     Christian Institute asked me to go on Sky TV and talk about a proposal to legalise brothels in Sheffield. Sky sent a car to take me to their Osterley studios.
3rd     With deb to Comet for new TV and VCR. Countryside day. Talked with Civil War Society people.
4th     Led for SC on Rich man and Lazarus. Prayer in evening. Marty, grandad, J&M to lunch.
5th     Took Deb to Gatwick for flight to Atlanta. Asked friend in Philadelphia to bilk coach tickets to St Louis for David. Two Nigerian students visited us.
6th      Nigerian on WE.
7th      Katy talked to owner, Mrs Milner, who may sell in a year.
8th      Deb rand unhappy in Atlanta and missing her mother.
9th      Deb unhappy enough to consider early return home. David has a 2:1 for his second year at LBC.
10th    Deb some happier today.
11th    SC good on Lazarus. David spoke to youth in evening.
12th     North Barnett pharmacists meeting at Middlesex Pharmacy group office.
13th     Deb phoned and OK now.
14th     Housegroup at Marilees.
16th      received Leeds away membership card. called Rich, Gordon's counsellor.
17th     To Cambridge EPCEW for installation of Sam Wallace as pastor.
18th     SC on foot washing. Pot luck in honour of Rosie Barnes engagement. Met his parents and Gwen Barnes. Visited Smith field martyrs memorial. Preached from Joshua in evening.
19th     David driving and phone work.
20th     Katy drove Rachel and Christine to Gatwick for Crete.
21st     Katy picked Deb up. Housegroup at Judy's who has an MA now and is going o a round the world trip.
22nd    Katy not well. Deb recovering from jet lag.
23rd     Deb started work with me.
24th     David led for SC with too many dodgy songs IMO. OM team made a mess of the kitchen.
26th     Session. David to Philadelphia.
27th     Deb doing well in pharmacy.
28th     David in St Louis. Hosegroup at Marilees.
30th     Katy finished decorating the bathroom.
31st     Wells to lunch. Walk round Brentford docks.

The changing world (223) Jun 1999

Jun 2nd  Took Margery to housegroup on Her 8 at Marilees, Acton.
5th          To Burroughs great Shelford.
6th          Led for SC on Joh 4. Evening prayer meeting.
7th          New quiet WE Lee. Kosovo peace talks with Serbia break down so bombing continues.
9th          First visit to Lords with Tony Young who is MCC member and Ian Wallace, principal of Ealing tertiary College. M Waugh century as Aussies beat Zimbabwe.
12th        Elders then visited Pam Hallett in Hillingdon hospital.
13th        Hugh Wangel, MTW, good on Lord's prayer in the morning but not so well presented on covenant in the evening.
16th        Katy bruised from a fall at school. Housegroup at Judy's.
17th        Course on digestion at Edgware hospital.Paid David's credit card bill as I do not want him having the expense of interest payments. He has become close to Katy from USA with MTW team.
18th         Journey home disrupted as police blocked the road in Alperton due to stabbing to death of high school pupil.
19th           Wedding in Windsor of Prince Edward and Sophie Rees-Jones. I later learn she has a real Christian faith.
20th           SC on form in the morning. MTW and OM teams present. Aussied beat Pakistan to win world cup by 8 wichekes.
21st          David starts LBC exams. Rachel on wheelchair course.
22nd         Evening at town hall for pharmacy workshop on Primary care Group.
23rd          To Deb's college exhibition where she is font top of her group. David finished exams.
24th          Deb saw car on fir at 65 Lee and dialled 999 for fire brigade who extinguished it.
25th          Serbs leave Kosovo.
26th          Rachel to Colchester overnight.
27th          Preached on Gibeonites, Joe 9. Evening a long dull sermon from young pastor from Gunnersbury.
28th          David to Uckfield with Proclamtion trust. he has a cheap ticket to USA.
30th          Took Teresa to Tally Ho lunch for her birthday. Found she lost her parents as a teenager.

Friday, November 09, 2018

The changing world (222) Mar-May 1999

I must have been down as entries dried up. The undiagnosed bipolar symptoms.
Mar 3     Deb's friend jame to dinner.
Mar 6     Drove Paul and SC to visit Joe and we went out for lunch.
Mar 14   Jody Horton from South Africa visited from USA.
20th        Joanne Bulmer visited.
Apr 3      Cousin Dorothy visited.
11th        Ruth Barratt from Southgate overnight.
18th        Katy Schenk of PCA dined.
May 22  Has three months down and mislaid diary. Quiz of the century at IPC.
23rd       Terry long winded leading. SC on Joh . Rachel brought Grandad on her way home from a friend in Hertford and David took him back.
24th        WE Surinder doing well despite his support for India in the cricket world cup.
25th        Sleepy at IPC AGM. David not happy as MTW policy forbids him talking one of their girls on a date. Kurt says the girl concerned had agreed to the policy. Sharon Columg of deal dined.
26th         Postponed housegroup to see very exciting European Cu final Man U 2 Bayern  Munich 1with the Germans in the lead from 6th to 89th minute.
27th         Maureen off at Chelsea Flower show. Housegroup at Merilees.
28th        last day for WE Surinder. Pizza hut takeaway to celebrate end of deb's exams.
29th        Bought garden seat for Katy's birthday. Barbecue at 73.
30th        Chris Bennett from Houslow west Evangelical good on Jonah. India knock England out of cricket world cup. Evening spoke on renewal of the covenant.
31st         With Katy, Deb and Grandad to Great Shelford.

The changing world (221) Feb 1999

Feb 1st Horrendous jam on way to work. Diverted up A41 but all roads eastbound solid. Arrived 10:45 but my ladies had coped well and only lost antibiotic saris. many customers were jammed up too.
2nd       Hoddle sacked as England manager.
3rd        Finished Ephesians at housegroup.
5th        New computer arrived but still too unpack.
6th        With Katy to Hitchin then Great Shelford. Brought a £6000 cello home to try. Rachel visited friend Christine at Newham College.
7th         Led for SC on Tit 1:1-4. Visit from a Kent couple seeking help over her depression and OCD.Prayer meeting. David took Grandad back.
8th         Cold. Katy to orchestra.
9th         Mediphase man failed transfer data or get printer going. Applied for a place on the local primary care group.
10th       Found I had missed MOT for Metro and then it failed when tested.
11th       Metro MOT done. Katy undecided over cello purchase.
12th       To Hitchin and bought the cello for £4500. Katy pleased but apprehensive about her teacher's opinion. Presbytery. Appalled by Mike Peats idea of a seminary this year.
13th        Kenneth Skilling treated us to an Italian lunch in Soho and gave name some of his late father's Spurgeon books including a rare on from a student of CHs with great anecdotes of the man.Brenthan club for Ealing North dinner with Anne Wiiddicombe speaking. Very enjoyable speech if the food not that special.
14th         David B good leading for SC on elders. To Harrogate losing a wiper and not finding a garage to replace it. Gave Geoffrey a Havana and he was sick. Enjoyed three different whiskies.
15th         To Richmond to pick up Dorothy. Northallerton. Thirsk, Coxwold. Helmsley. Yarm. Back to Richmond and Harrogate.
16th         From Harrogate, Bingley, Brighouse, Huddersfield, Buxton, Wotton under Edge where Rodney is recovering from a hernia operation.
17th         With Leapers to Lichfield, cathedral and Dr Johnson's house.
18th          Home to a house well cleaned by Deb.
19th          To Museum of London rated small Cromwell 400th exhibition. Visited Lutheran and St Botolph's churches. Visited a student at Bikbeck College who I met on the newsgroup. Homosexual but open to spiritual things. Invited him to home and IPC.
20th          Session. We cannot back the seminary plan nor have Randy on the session as he is not at one with our aims.
24th          Skipped Housegroup to watch cup replay at The Kent, Spurs 2 Leeds 0 so should be more spiritual.
27th          With David and Katy to a quiz at Dishley's church, Ascension, Hanger Hill. Controversy over how many continents and their names.