Saturday, April 01, 2017

Diary 26 Mar to 1 Apr

26 Mar

Yesterday I resumed my New Year resolution of a sabbath rest from computer and internet. It coincided with my return to church for the first time this month. I have never before missed three consecutive Sundays at IPC since we returned from Nigeria in 1982 except perhaps a three week holiday on the West Coast of Canada and USA. It was heartwarming to be so enthusiastically welcomed by so many friends. Mat Childs did an excellent adult Sunday School on the English Reformation under the Tudors. Then Paul continued on his Isaiah series, 56 to 57. It was Mothering Sunday and part of Katy's present was us all invited to lunch with Rachel and family with Adrian's parents there too. I confess to being so well fed on roast duck leg that I was in a deep sleep for the rest of the afternoon. Though my recovery continues slowly sleep patterns are still awry. I came home not going to evening service but again I fell asleep this time in front of the TV and saw next to nothing of England 2 Lithuuania 0. I think the springing forward to Summer Time today has not helped my sleep.

27 Mar

Two grandchildren off school feeling ill so with us this morning.

Attended our church's weekly Tuesday lunchtime Bible talk in the town hall. We also have a book table outside.

Nearly three weeks after discharge from hopital the incontinence service have finally visited. A helpful Sierra Leonian. I shall test the products he left. Katy has tired herself out in the garden so I will cook a Biyani for dinner. Of that I am capable but not gardening. Lawns beckon for a second mow..

Most beautiful spring day so far. Bees buzzing in the garden.

28 Mar

BREXIT DAY. HALLELUJAH! Good riddance to the EU and all its works - in the next two years. June 23 for a public holiday.

Had our first viewer of the property since we reduced the price. Cooked spaghetti carbonara for dinner, My second meal this week to reduce Katy's work load.

I have resumed reading the Quran, daily chapter blogging a summary. It is not a book I can positively review, far too disjointed.

29 Mar

Resuming house viewing which has been left to Katy and Debbie this month. Two to view Friday. Second mow of the grass this year now done so I must be getting stronger. Beef stroganoff to cook tonight.

30 Mar

Our garden is producing its first harvest of the year, a bumper crop of rhubarb. Great stewed accompanied by yoghurt.

My first visit to hospital OPD post-op went well. The consultant says the histology of the cancer showed it has not invaded the bowel wall so chances of it returning are as low as 20%. But it could spread via lymph nodes in polyps so in 6 months another colonoscopy and polyp removal. All in all a reassuring visit.

Cooked chicken tikka for dinner.

31 Mar

One thing that seems to be holding up me recovery is sleeplessness. I usually have a sleep apnaea machine and it is a help but due to the op I missed an appointment so must chase them up. I cannot be too quick as it is a good half mile walk from the tube to hospital.Seeping pattern has varied with my bipolat state. When down I am in bed before 11 and up at 7. But for the month or two before my op I was up at between 4 and 5 in the morning. This results in drowsiness and sleep later in the day. But since the op all is haywire. Sleep is interrupted by calls of nature and I am rising before 4. As a result I cannot watch TV in the evening. I am straight off to sleep.

This evening our friends Elde and JanCaude traded us to dinner at their home. A fusion of Brazilian and African food included my favourite fried plantains and a senegalese chicken stew.

1 Apr

Our friend Aaron Lawler has demolished the pillars of our driveway and is working for it to be an entrance to two car off road parking space,

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