Monday, December 14, 2015

Films seen December 2015

1.  American Sniper

Another over hyped American film. Are American film makers incapable of not effing all over the place. I know plenty of Americans who do not use the f word so why are films so full of it? Second gripe. This film needs sub titles. The diction/enunciation is so bad as to lead to too many incomprehensible dialogues. Lastly some of the war scenes are unclear as to who is doing what. I expect no plaudits for a helpful review, unless my negativity saves someone wasting time watching it.

2. The Woman in the Van

We saw the stage play some years ago. There were details I had forgotten and some things added. Added were far more references to Bennett's homosexuality but it was carefully done and someone who did not know of his sexuality might not get a lot of the references. Maggie Smith was magnificent, worthy of an Oscar. Sadly the film seems to lack any real message other than one should be kind to stranger, even dirty, demanding ego centrists. There is some very witty dialogue and a mystery to solve.

3. Song for Marion

An enjable romantic film with no sex scenes. Marion is dying of cancer. Her big enyoyment id her local choir ledby an able young teacher. Alfred, Marion's grumpy husband joins the choir after her death. He is estranged from his son, but through the choir there is a reconciliation. This is a real pro-family film. Marital fidelity and real love are well portrayed.

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