Wednesday, October 21, 2015

USA holiday

Alexandria, Virginia.
This is our sixth transatlantic visit. We took a minicab to Heathrow, terminal 5 to join a BA flight to Baltimore which is Washington’s third airport. The flight of just over eight hours got us to the US at 8pm local time, 1am in England. We had the last row of seals in a Boeing 767 so the engine noise spoiled the sound on the excellent entertainment system. Catering was good. As is my habit on BA I request London Pride to drink. Who wants foreign brews on British Airways. We flew into the setting sun, cloudy over the ocean but perfectly clear going south down the Atlantic coast. Immigration was slow but uneventful. We were last in the queue but that meant we did not have to wit for our cases. Our friend Kenneth was waiting for us. Unfortunately on the way to his car, carrying a case and computer bag, I slipped and fell awkwardly on an up escalator which was promptly stopped and people helped me up. I declined offered medical examination. We were at Kenneth’s home in time for bed at 11pm having declined further refreshment.

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