Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Reformation Timetable

My notes for an adult Sunday School class at our church on 15 March 2015
1483 b Martin Luther
1486  b Arthur, Prince of Wales
1489 b Cranmer
1491 b Henry Tudor, Ignatius Loyola
1501 m Arthur and Catherine of Aragon b1485
1502 d Arthur
1503 Henry betrothed to Catherine, Wm Warham last pre-ref A o Cant..
1505 b Knox. Luther becomes monk.
1507 Luther ordained
1508 ML at Univ Wittenberg
1509 Henry king and marries Catherine b Calvin. Erasmus at Cambridge
1512 Luther DD
1514 Wolsey b1473 A of York.
1515 Wolsey cardinal and Lord Chancellor
1516 b Mary Erasmus Greek NT. More Utopia
1517 95 Theses
1518 Diet of Augsburg ML will not recant
1519 ML in disputation at Leipzig questions papal authority. Zwingli b 1484 starts Zurich reformation
1520 Loe X excommunicates ML, declared heretic, burns papal bull.
1521 Defender of the faith. ML banned from HR Empire at Diet of Worms. Starts Bible translation hidden in Wartburg.
1522 ML in Wittenberg publishes NT
1524 Mass banned Zurich
1525 ML marries Katherine b1499. Tyndale NT printed Worms
1528 Henry publicly talks of Divorce. Reformation starts Scotland with Patrick Hamilton b1504 executed
1529 Wolsey falls. More chancellor. Vienna besieged. ML and UZ dispute eucharist at Marburg
1530 Melanchthon prepares Confession of Augsburg, signed by Protestant princes
1531 Henry Supreme Head of C of E. UZ dies in battle.
1533 H m secretly to Anne Boleyn b 1501,  b Elizabeth. Cranmer Archbishop and declares 1st marriage null, Anne crowned queen. Henry excommunicated by pope.
1534 Act of Supremacy, Treasons Act .German OT. Jesuits founded
1535 All clergy must subscribe. More beheaded. Reports in of church wealth. Visitation of monasteries. JC Basel.
1536 d Catherine. Anne executed. m Jane Seymour b 1508  Pilgrimage of Grace. Cromwell b1485 Lord Privy Seal. First Suppression Act and first suppressions, 376 of them. Continue 4 years. JC Geneva. Authority of pope void in England. Calvin’s Institutes. Tyndale burned.
1537 P o Grace suppressed. b Edward d Jane
1538 JC to Strasbourg. Relics and shrines like Becket’s destroyed in southern England.
1540 m Anne of Cleves. b 1515 Annulled by parliament. m Catherine Howard b 1521 Cromwell beheaded
1541 JC Geneva
1542 Catherine H beheaded. Paul III stars Inquisition
1543 m Catherine Parr b1512 First burnings in Spain. Servetus burned in Geneva
1545 Council of Trent to 1564
1546 d Henry, ML
1549 Conformity to BCP required
1552 Second BCP
1553 d Edward and Lady Jane Grey 1554
1555 Knox to Scotland from Geneva
1156 Cranmer burned. Cardinal Pole Canterbury
1558 d Mary, JN First Blast
1559 New BCP

1564 JC dies

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