Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nigeria update

Sadly the troubles continue with a vengeance.  Boko Haram are still at large and active, there have been more Fulani attacks on Plateau villages and now sectarian/political killings are adding to the growing death toll.  Almost every day we get news from our source of another atrocity.

11/2/15 An incident in the Muslim area of Jos where a taxi knocked over a Christian motor cyclist quickly turned into a riot where a number of Christian homes were attacked and set on fire.  This incident shows that towns and cities like Jos are a tinder box where the slightest incident can spark off a riot, either by muslims or non muslims, or one political group against another.

15/2 a female suicide bomber killed herself and 7 others, injuring 10 more in Damaturu, capital of Yobe State.

15/2 gunmen killed the LGA Chairman of the Action Peoples Congress (APC - the main contender in opposition to Goodluck Jonathan of PDP) in Barakin Ladi in Plateau State.  His wife was also shot but survived and is receiving treatment in hospital.  Our source made the comment that a number of supporters of PDP have switched their allegiance to APC  

16/2 The Nigerian Army said they’d recaptured the town of Monguno in Borno and Baga and Baga Dorowa on the edge of Lake Chad have been re-taken from BH..

17/2 Boko Haram attacked an army post inside the Cameroon border.

17/2  Fulani militants attacked Mongul village near Kantoma in Mangu LGA Plateau State and around Lambal near Gana Ropp in B/Ladi LGA.  Several were killed and houses destroyed.  No villager right across the Plateau feels safe.

18/2  Fulani militants attacked Kassa community in B/Ladi killing a man and his wife and injuring 3 others.

19/2  A ‘space bus’ (not sure what this is but it may be one used for political campaigning) was found burnt out with 5 bodies inside.  That was near the Bisichi junction on Jos/BLadi road.

21/2 B Haram attacked Gatamwarwa and 2 other villages in Chibok area, Borno State.  As the Nigerian Army gets control of the northern part of Borno so BH are terrorising the southern part.  Over 30 people are said to have been killed, churches razed and houses destroyed.

22/2 A bomb blast was reported at the GSM market in Potiskum today, the second attack on this market.  Casualties are not known yet.

This is the most critical time for Nigeria as the country moves towards the Presidential election on March 28.  Urgent prayer is needed. 

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