Thursday, November 06, 2014

Latest from Nigeria

The situation in Mubi, the second town of Adamawa State has been over run my Boko Haram, as have most of the villages in that whole area of north Adamawa.  Lassa where the population is 95% Christian and the large Lassa hospital, formerly C’ian Brethren Mission CBM was targeted.  We haven’t heard the current situation, but we understand all the people have fled.  Cars have been stopped and the occupants either forced into Islam or killed with the women getting 40 lashes.  The brutality is horrendous.  BH have now declared their Caliphate extends to near Yola, and even threaten the capital city.
On the 31st Oct Fulani and some mercenaries attacked areas in Bokkos Plateau State destroying a number of villages.  Reports say over 100 have been killed with even towns destroyed and thousands displaced.  Further attacks were reported in Nasarawa State, burning houses of all non-Muslims.

Also on the 31st a bomb went off in Gombe lorry/bus park when 8 were killed and others injured and taken to Gombe Gen Hospital.
BH have said they have no intention of keeping a cease fire and that the 200 Chibok girls will not be released and in fact have all been married off (no surprise there) .
On 3rd Nov another bomb went off in Potiskum, Yobe State with 10 confirmed dead.

News came through of around 2000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon, all from the Gwoza area, have been forced to run by the local Cameroonians.  Many have no food and no-where to go.

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