Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NIGERIA – Double bomb attack on Kaduna church claims 11 lives

Release International Prayer Alert - 26 November 2012

At least 11 people were killed yesterday when suicide bombers attacked a church in a military compound in the northern state of Kaduna.
Suspected Islamist extremists drove a bus packed with explosives into St Andrew's Military Church during a service, causing a first explosion which did not claim any lives, sources say.
However, as church members gathered around the site of the explosion to help the injured, a second car bomb was detonated, just outside the building, about ten minutes later. In addition to those killed, 30 people were reported injured inside the Jaji Military Cantonment, many of them seriously.
No group has claimed responsibility for yesterday's blasts but Islamist extremists Boko Haramare widely blamed for the attack. On Saturday, Nigeria's army offered 290 million naira (about £1.1 million) for information leading to the capture of 19 leading members of Boko Haram.
The group, which is intent on overthrowing the Government and extending strict Islamic law orSharia across Nigeria, frequently targets Christians. Seven people were recently killed in a suicide bombing at a church in Kaduna and in June at least 50 people were killed in the state in bombings and the reprisals that followed.
(Sources: allAfrica.com, BBC, Reuters)
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Pray:• Pray for all those injured and bereaved in yesterday's bomb attacks in Kaduna. Pray that they will know the Lord as comforter and healer.
• Ask God to strengthen the faith of His church in northern Nigeria, particularly in areas that have become targets for extremist 
violence such as Kaduna and Jos in Plateau state, where frequent attacks are made on Christian communities.
Act:• Join with Christians in the UK praying for Nigeria at a carol service in London organised by LoveJos to highlight the plight of Christians across northern Nigeria. The servic



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