Monday, July 30, 2012

NIGERIA – Fresh calls for prayer for attack victims

There's a renewed call for prayer today for victims of ongoing attacks against churches and Christian communities in Nigeria. Release partner Stefanos Foundation says many Christians have been left deeply traumatised by the violence.

It asks for prayers for members of the following churches, which have been bombed by militants: The Living Faith Church, Bauchi; Christ Chosen Church, Jos: Christ The King Church, Zaria, and Shalom Church, Kaduna. Extremists detonated bombs during worship services. 
Release works with Stefanos Foundation to provide trauma counselling to victims. Our partner is also supporting the Berom ethnic Christian communities of Plateau State, who have been attacked.  
Militants raided nine townships in Gashish District of Barkin Ladi. They left many Christians homeless, hungry and deeply traumatised, says Stefanos. 
For more news and a country profile about Nigeria, click here(Source: Stefanos Foundation)
• Members of these churches are deeply traumatised. Pray for these churches by name, that they can be reconnected with the truth of the scriptures through trauma healing.
• Ethnic Christians whose villages have been attacked are in need of care. Pray that these victims can be provided with the care they need to help them move forward with their lives.
• Please pray that attackers will come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and turn away from violence.
• Pray that Christians will find the strength and grace to refrain from retaliation.
• Ask God to protect and strengthen our partners as they seek to help victims.



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