Monday, January 23, 2012

Latest from Nigeria

This is from a senior pastor.

Our friends,
We covet your prayers even more. At 3.00am this morning, I was woken up by a call from one of our members. Apart from the Kano bombings, BH invaded part of bauchi and Tafawabalew towns of bauchi state, just a little northeast of us. They approached the towns from 5 different locations. Eight of our members were killed. The 9th one died while being rushed to the hospital. most of this morning, between 3. am and 5 am were spent on the phone trying to find help. I had to call the military commandant through his superior officer whom I know personally. They organised and went. and by 5 00 am they had calmed down the situation.The people mobilised themselved and pursued the attackers. One of those caught is a Nigerian Policeman from far away Yobe the headquarter of BH. You may recal I said the President of nigeria had, in a broadcast said he had become aware that the Government has been infilterated by BH people. If the people did not rise to their defence the Christians would have been wiped out. I am rethinking Church history. I wonder why the Churches that were once strong got wiped out. Whatever thology one holds, now is survival that is seen as the best thing to do. Pastoral leadership at this time is very hard and tasking.As I said in previous communications, we now know that the Northern Muslims are using BH to fight for them. Some of the young persons caught this morning confessed to being sponsored by the M. elites.We had suspected that. Pray that the sponsore of these attacks be exposed and brought to book by the law. Pray that the law does not get compromised.We wait in hope and trust God.Now we sleep with one eye closed and the other opened.Lord, have mercy!!
Our eyes are on the Lord.

What do you do when your neighbour turns mad and starts to kill all your children? What would Jesus do? How do you love a person who never grew up with any love, and the good Christian for him is the dead one?



Blogger Steve said...

You must also love your neighbor who is being attacked by the Muslims. You must defend them. You must become armed and trained.

5:47 pm  

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