Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Bush Memoirs

No I have not read them and do not expect that I will. As expected, not well received by our liberal media. Horror of horrors, he claims water boarding was not wrong and saved lives. So far I have only heard one source in favour of his stance, The Sun.

So here is a first for me. I applaud the Murdoch rag. I do not want to stand on the moral high ground with all the rest and deplore harsh treatment of suspected terrorists. Desperate diseases require desperate remedies. The man who said that died after torture. We celebrated his failure last week.

Bush had been vilified all the time by our media. I believe he is an upright Christian man who did his job with a lot more moral integrity than the man in office before him. But then, Slick Willy did not set that bar high at all.



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