Friday, August 06, 2010

The World Watch List - where Christians are persecuted

'Open Doors works with the world’s most oppressive
countries, strengthening Christians to stand strong in the
face of persecution and equipping them to shine Christ’s
light in these dark places.
The greatest challenge to Christians living under tyranny
and oppression is isolation - from God’s Word and from
the body of Christ. Where other Christian organizations
cannot enter or have been forced to flee by oppressive
governments or cultures, Open Doors can often be found
– supplying Bibles, training Christian leaders, developing
Christian communities and ensuring prayer, presence and
advocacy for these suffering believers.
When these Christians are strengthened in the Lord, they
begin to demonstrate God’s forgiveness and reach out in
love, even to their oppressors.
About the List
The World Watch List (WWL) is a ranking of 50 countries
where persecution of Christians for religious reasons is
worst. First of all, the list covers persecution of Christians
of all denominations in the entire country. The focus is on
persecution for the faith, not persecution for political,
economic, social, ethnic or accidental reasons.'

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