Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christian Peoples Alliance AGM

THe Annual Consultative Assembly and AGM of the CPA took place in Ealing yesterday and I was able to attend in the morning. Numbers were disappointing. Not quite the old story of having the party conference in a phone box though.

'In June, a quarter of a million people in Britain
voted for a Christian vision of Europe by backing candidates from the
Christian Peoples Alliance and our colleagues in The Christian Party. The
Times newspaper said the joint ticket was among the "key winners" of the
smaller parties..... Although there are 250,000 people voting for Christian
Democratic policies, the CPA has insufficient paid up members! We rely on
volunteers and the big challenge is to translate goodwill into proper
organisation and a functioning office. The reality we face is that
unprecedented numbers of people are looking for a political alternative to
the big parties. The CPA stands for values of honesty and integrity. All
that is required is for you and those like you in CPA to come forward and
be the difference the public is seeking........You can support us online by visiting:'

I leaned more about the split that took place some time ago. The CPA in Scotland put a Muslim to stand for election. Party membership is not faith based but the constitution states that candidates must agree with the Christian aims of the party. Those on the executive who supported this breach of the constitution eventually resigned. It appears they were also responsible for a great gulf between the CPA and George Hargreave's Christian Party. This rift is now healed and in June there was a joint party ticket The feeling of our meeting was that our campaign main thrust to say we not the BNP were the Christian alternative was not very helpful knocking copy.
Cllr. Alan Craig, CPA leader.

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