Sunday, November 23, 2008

Books Read in November 2008 (2)

1. Shadow of the Cross: Studies in Self-denial by Walter Chantry

This is the best short book I have ever read and this a second reading of it as we chose it for our church's book of the term. I first heard two of the chapters in a tape of the author at the Banner of Truth Leicester ministers' conference. Chantry teaches that to deny self is of the essence of becoming and being a Christian. "Self is the idol to which all men naturally bow." In five short chapters he teaches what it is to deny self following Christ and taking up the cross. He teaches on Christian liberty, marriage, ministry and pray, all linked to self denial. This is an important neglected subject in our hedonistic culture. read it and grow in grace.

2. The English Civil War: A People's History by Diane Purkiss

An Australian has written the best book I have read on our civil war. She tells the story using the accounts and histories of people great and small involved in the most devastating conflict our country had ever experienced. She is very even handed promoting the readers respect for aspects of both Charles and Cromwell, thgough I still conclude the thing the king did best was the way he faced death. One gets a real feel for the times and the horror of war. So much so I skipped some of the accounts of the military surgeons. There are limits to how much real blood and gore this reader can stomach.

My worst month for reading. Too down and inactive :-(

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