Friday, January 05, 2007

The Shame that is England's cricket

Boycott says he is going to give his cat his O.B.E. Don't do it Geoff. You deserved it and more.

In the past, recipients of honours who blotted their copybooks after getting their gongs had the medals taken away. It happened to some VCs even. So H.M. should take back all those England M.B.E.s, all except Vaughan's. He is the only one not in disgrace as he did not play in Oz.

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Blogger Fenella said...

I still think that Flintoff did well. Managing a group of excellent sportsmen is far from easyLet;s not forget that if a team do badly it does not mean they are no good or should be condemned. They should learn a lesson that will cary them forward for next series they play. Erich Fromm said, From Our weaknesses Come Our Strengths.

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