Saturday, March 04, 2006

Unaccustomed as I am to defending the Prime Minister .....

... I really must protest at his mishandling by our secularist biased media. Blair says he prayed before deciding to go to war. Good for him. He professes to be a Christian. So should he not pray?

But the media equate this more with divination than seeking guidance or confirmation of a rational decision. Mention God and the world thinks we are in the realms of irrationality and delusion.

Who did ITN put on first to comment when the news broke? Not one of the many church leaders critical of the decision who might have been able to give constructive criticism of Tony's prayers. No, it was someone from the National Secular Society. You do not need the gift of prophecy to know their line.

Mr Keys, the founder of campaign group Military Families Against The War, says on the BBC website, "God doesn't come into this at all. We want to believe that
our loved ones died for a justified cause, not some delusional religious cause."

There it is. If the PM prays he is delusional.

Then there is the criticism that this will lead Muslims to believe the war is a Christian crusade. Well if they are so ignorant as to believe that it is not because Blair or Bush prays. Saddam was a godless tyrant who did not rule in the name of Islam. You may argue the war was about oil or economics not tyranny. Wars usually are. But to think it was about religion can only come from the ignorance of an Islamic mindset which cannot distinguish the political from religion. Of course the Muslims prefer to resurrect the ghosts of the crusades rather than face up to the tyrannies that characterise the Muslim world.

But secularist or Muslim, a deluded mind leads them astray.

I rarely defend Blair but here I admire him. Not because of the decision but because he has shown he is not a secularist.

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