Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic medals so far

gold silver bronze
China 45 15 21
U.S.A. 27 28 28
Great Britain 17 11 11
Australia 11 13 13

Seoul 1988 - the Brits got 5, while the Aussies got 3. Thereafter, the Aussies have always ended up on top.

• 17/9 in Athens
• 16/11 in Sydney
• 9/1 in Atlanta
• 7/5 in Barcelona

As long as we beat the Aussies I care not about how many medals. I am in fact ambivalent about a success built on money from the Morons' Tax, aka the National Lottery. On the one hand I do not approve of lotteries but OTOH I do not apporove of tax being spent on sport.

My one mystification about the Olympics is why are we GB and not UK for we have team members from Northern Ireland which is part of the UK not GB.

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