Monday, August 11, 2008

Homosexual sex is a sin, say four in five Protestants

The Times says,'Most Christians believe gay sex is a sin and that practising gays should not be ordained. A survey by ComRes of 517 Protestant Christians in Britain found that only 3 per cent of nonCatholic Christians believe homosexuality is not a sin, while 81 per cent say it is and 15 per cent say “it is more complicated than this”. Taking into account all Protestant denominations, 81 per cent believe that gay sex is sinful.The survey also found that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, lacks majority support. Only one in three Anglicans said Dr Williams represented their views.'

Truth is not established by surveys or votes.


Anonymous said...

May become a muted statement ... Linked to your post from Jeremiah Films' Prop 8 does not affect rights slightly incorrect title, as it does affect freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

As well as fornication, adultery, children born out of wedlock, ABORTION. But I guess as long as these fit your needs it is ok til you repent. Everyone needs to remember a sin is a sin. Every person will be judged individually by GOD. So all that you do in the privacy of your home is still viewable by GOD!!