Friday, July 25, 2008

Sacramento Airport 1 pm 25 July 2008

What has Sacramento got that Heathrow and Washington do not? Free wifi in the airport!

Dennis, Julie and Ty have dropped me off. Thank you for all your love, fellowship and hospitality. I have made new friends and met some beautiful young ladies :-)

It was an eventful check in. I was about to go through security when the tannoy called my name. I was to go back to the check in. They wanted the combination to my case lock. I thought the lock was to stop them getting in my case.

After three attempts I finally negotiated the metal detector. I think it disliked my belt buckle and the cavalry badge on the hat Dennis gave me.

Then security said they had to open my bags. Voila! In my pipe case was the knife I could not find this morning. So folks, if you need to locate your missing metal I recommend Sacrament airport security. They even offered to let me go back and put it in my case . I declined.

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