Friday, July 18, 2008

Grass Valley, California 18 July, 6.45 am

I saw the deer three times yesterday, the last time being at dinner time. I was amused to see our hostess tip the leftovers from the plates, over the side of the veranda for the deer to eat our scraps,

We saw a couple of hinds with fawns beofre dinner but I took these earlier.
Note how well camoflaged they are, especially the fawn.
I am typing this just after sunrise and the deer are here again. I am multi-tasking, listening to Test Match Special as I type, Headingley is being heard in California.

Yesterday was more of the wedding preparations. Friends came in from Philadelphia. I am giving the mother of the bride the message from Dad's Army. "Don't panic, Captain Mainwaring.' The longer I am here the more I marvel at these wedding preparations. There are far more formalities to be sorted out than I expected, including printed biographies of all major participants. Last night the younger generation were off to hen and stag parties. Today there is a bridal party luncheon here, then wedding rehearsal at the church followed by rehearsal dinner for about fifty of the two hundred or so guests expected on Saturday. This is a BIG wedding.

It is coming up to 7 am and a very pleasant 65F. Yesterday reached 91F and we expect more of the same.

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