Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grass Valley, California 17 July, 7 am

This is yesterday's view over the mountains as the sun rose. It was take from where I am now blogging.

I am out on the veranda decking and have seen the sun rise again. Days are shorted here being a more southerly latitude. There is an interesting dawn chorus heard after i woke at 5 am. It includes squirrels making strange noises and some animal I could not identify. I heard and saw deer in the woods below me but unfortunately my attempts to photograph them were not good. It is 69 F now. Yesterday reached 92 F here. The grass around is all brown as they have had two rainless months but at least the forest fires seem to have died down. Last week i am told there was much smoke in the air.

The main activities of the day yesterday were wedding preparations. I went into town in the morning with Dennis and Julie for him to battle with what he calls tuxophobia. He had to get his suit fitted for the big day and we brought his tuxedo etc home. In the afternoon we took a load of things to the Flower Farm where the reception for around 200 guests is to take place. I think we transported around 500 cans of soft drinks. Now I know why people here drive what they call SUVs, Chelsea tractors to Londoners.

In my battle with jet lag I slept a couple of hours in the early evening while Julie went to pick up their son Josiah and his wife April from the airport. They have flown in from Tennessee.

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