Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wiki ad absurdum

LIBBY PURVES ON MAY 28, 2008 post on The Tmes url,
"The good people on Wikipedia - actually rather serious chaps - have got a Wiki Bible project "to create an original, open content translation of the source text of the Bible that will be in the Public Domain.". They ask people who know Greek or Hebrew to "claim" a chapter (Exodus went first) and offer a translation. It fiercely says "Stay faithful to the original source text and do not borrow from copyrighted modern versions....Avoid sectarian disputes, possibly by footnoting variant translations."
However, the mischievous beasts on Newsbiscuit report straightfacedly that it is an attempt to make "one on-line holy book for all world faiths, written and edited by the world-wide community....‘If someone feels strongly that the central tenet of another religion is fundamentally wrong, then they can go on-line and change it. This morning the Wiki-Bible stated quite categorically that there was but one god and his name was Allah. This afternoon, another editor had corrected that to explain that there were in fact a number of different gods including Ganesh, Krishna, Vishnu and Cristiano Ronaldo.’
And so forth. It also suggests adapting commandments - - 'This morning the seventh commandment read ‘Though shalt not commit adultery. Unless it is with thy neighbours wife Janice". Look at the other reports in the sidebar and you'll grasp the degree of sincerity with which they write..."

Not a translation I shal be quoting from.

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