Friday, May 30, 2008


Though volumes have been written both for and against deconstruction, not all critics agree that it deserves so much attention. If we suppose its basic premise that texts are only self-referential is true, then deconstruction self-destructs.....After all, the assertion that 'all texts are self-referential and refer to nothing outside the text,' if true, could only refer to itself; it would apply to no external texts whatsoever." -- Adam Devore

The postmodern worldview denies that there is such a thing as truth: historical, moral, or otherwise. It denies that truth exists independently of our perspectives and interests. - Mark Earley, BreakPoint 08/13/2002

But the Left has truly mastered this art [of misrepresentation], perhaps because they get so much practice in university English departments. After all, if you can reduce the millions of pages of the Western canon into a bumper sticker of racism, sexism, and homophobia, how hard can it be to make a conservative sound racist when he talks about a "colorblind society" or "equal opportunity"?-- Jonah Goldberg

We are the first generation bombarded with so many stories from so many "authorities," none of which are our own. The parable of the postmodern mind is the person surrounded by a media center: three television screens in front of them giving three sets of stories; fax machines bringing in other stories; newspapers providing still more stories. In a sense, we are saturated with stories; we're saturated with points of view. But the effect of being bombarded with all of these points of view is that we don't have a point of view and we don't have a story. We lose the continuity of our experiences; we become people who are written on from the outside. - Sam Keen (Story Lore)

Perhaps it is being nostalgic for the 1960s, but occasionally I find much more noble existentialism's avowal of meaninglessness followed by despair than postmodernism's embrace of meaninglessness, followed by play, and ideological manipulations of the text. In a word, postmodernism reminds us that while God speaks an infallible authoritative word, our ability to interpret it is not without error. In other words, while the Bible itself comes from "above the sun," interpretation is an "under the sun" activity-- Tremper Longman III, READING THE BIBLE POSTMODERNLY

There are no facts, only interpretations.... Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche, (1844-1900)

Postmodernism is the most fertile source of academic waffle since Aristotle; it has given a grateful world such completely incomprehensible and basically useless concepts as "deconstruction", "intertextuality" and indeed "postmodernism" itself. For self-styled cultural commentators bankrupt of particularly original ideas postmodern is a handy label to attach to anything in order to create he impression that one is saying something really radical. All this is helped by the fact that essentially no-one understands what postmodernism means, and therefore anything remotely contemporary can be tagged "postmodern." from Postmodern Culchie Base Camp

Each of them (Foucault,Derrida,Rorty) owes his reputation to a kind of religious faith: faith in the relativity of all opinions, including this one. - Roger Scruton, The West and the Rest, ISI Books, 2002, p 75

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