Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Perivale (where I live) - christiansquoting.org.uk

Parish of enormous hayfields
Perivale stood all alone,
John Betjeman Middlesex From "A Few Late Chrysanthemums" (1954)

There's a line of harbour lights at Perivale,
John Betjeman Harrow-on-the-Hill From "A Few Late Chrysanthemums" (1954)

green for go, green for action
from park royal to north acton
past scrolls and inscriptions like those of the egyptian age
and one of these days the hoover factory
is gonna be all the rage in those fashionable pages

five miles out of london on the western avenue
must have been a wonder when it was brand new
talkin' 'bout the splendour of the hoover factory
i know that you'd agree if you had seen it too
it's not a matter of life or death
but what is?"
"Hoover Factory" (song), Elvis Costello [DPA McManus]

(Perivale does not now have one hayfield and the Hoover factory is a supermarket., and is more than five miles out of London)

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