Sunday, April 20, 2008

What have Islam and homosexuality in common?

It is a provocative question I know but one which seriously exercises me as a Christian. In short, I am against them both but want to be friends with Muslims and homosexuals. I have an obligation as a follower of the friend of sinners. And who else is there to befriend but sinners.? "For all have sinned....."

But there you are. I keep on introducing troublesome topics and joining them together.

It has take me some time and thought to blog on this subject as one thing they have in common is that when I talk about either of them I am likely at best to be accused of Christian fundamentalist bigotry and thus abused. At worst I could have my collar felt by Plod for hate crime. Or I might not be protected against violent opponents.

But note carefully I am writing under the title of Islam and homosexuality, not Muslims and homosexuals. I am able to distinguish between a religion or sexual orientation and the people who follow or advocate them. But because religion and sexuality are of the fabric of a persons life, it comes as no surprise that most people cannot distinguish criticism of a religion or orientation and the people who follow these ways.

Then there is the victim culture which links the followers of both causes. Criticise Islam and you are Islamophobic. Refuse to call them gay and you are homophobic. Personally I am pleased to have only one phobia but it is not a figment of the politically correct imagination. "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom".

As a Christian I believe I have a duty to witness to the truth and oppose error in religion and sexual conduct. I also have to love all people. Speaking the truth in love is not an easy task.

I am a political animal and a Christian witness. I want to oppose Islam politically but love Muslims. The same goes for homosexuality. I oppose the political agenda which has been so cleverly done. But I want to keep my friends who are this way.

I do not only enjoy blogging but all forms of communicating. My boast is that my most unusual speaking invitation was to address the West London Campaign for Homosexual Equality. At least I think that was their title. We might have disagreed on most things but they were a very civil and hospitable bunch.

So if you are a Muslim or homosexualist I will debate these matters but I will not abuse you nor will I probably publish abusive comments you make unless I want to expose incivility.

Ok. Time for church. Asbestos suit is ready for my return to the blog.


Anonymous said...

The correct answer to your question is: "Not a lot".
One is not born a Muslim. (Or, indeed, a Christian...).
Islam is a belief system - not an immutable part of the self. As is Christianity. As such, following these ideologies might be considered 'sinful' - indeed since both consider themselves 'the only true path' it would be dishonest for followers of either to claim they don't consider 'the others' as sinners. That said, loving the sinner but hating the sin is all very admirable, and it would be nice to see a bit more of it from the religious amongst us - it's just a pity your Holy Books give so many mixed messages on the subject...
But what about Homosexuality? Well, since almost all the evidence points to it being an immutable part of the self - not an ideology - then to call homosexuality a sin is no different than calling 'being black' a sin. Unless of course one is so educationally backward that one believes homosexuality to be a 'lifestyle choice' - in which case I suspect good old-fashioned bigotry is at play, as opposed to reasoned thought, and any debate on the subject is futile.
You did ask...

Graham Weeks said...

Your flawed reasoning proves one of my points in the original post. I may reply later in more detail. I simply do not see all this evidence for homosexuality being an immutable part of the self. I carefully try to distinguish between an orientation and acts, between temptation and sin. Christians know we are all born sinners. That is what unites humanity. The Bible condemns homosexual genital acts not an abstract concept. I have every sympathy with those who believe they have no attraction to the opposite sex.

Anonymous said...

"Flawed reasoning""? Leaving aside the plentiful scientific evidence that sexual orientation has a sizeable genetic component, perhaps you might want to ask some of your many 'homosexualist' friends if they remember the day they decided to stop fancying chicks and instead went out and bought a stack of Judy Garland LPs. The idea that any 'normal' red-blooded male (who isn't in jail) would give up the pleasures of the girlie flesh for some all-guy rumpy-pumpy is utterly ridiculous. Utterly and completely ridiculous. Well - utterly and completely ridiculous to anyone that doesn't base their entire worldview on the 2000 year old prejudices of a crowd of desert-dwelling goat herders.

Graham Weeks said...

There is no conclusive evidence for any such genetic basis. What you call prejudice I know is the word of God which condems all sin however one may judge one has been inclined to it from birth.