Monday, April 14, 2008

Over the Channel

Katy and I drove to Dover on Saturday morning, March 28 in good time for the noon ferry to Dunkirk. It was only half full. The sea was a little choppy but not so rough as a couple of hours later when a couple of the family were sick. Here ae the white cliffs of Dover. Lunch was a lot better than our last ferry experience on P&O whose abysmal catering was only just above Afghan airline standards. Our new sat nav had a little problem leaving the ferry as there has been new road construction but it was fine taking us about 70 miles to Rimboval, Pas de Calais, though not to our destination, Rainbow Farm. We were the first of our four family vehicles to arrive as we had come on three different ferries. It needed son in law Adrian to get the central heating going and to take us to the nearest shop for supplies. The only thing cheaper that home seems to be the alcohol. Rachel did us a good pasta bake for supper. We are nine adults and our five grandchildren.

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