Sunday, June 15, 2008

New tastes

I am indebted to two good presbyterian friends for improving my palette. First, some years ago, Gordon introduced me to the delights of single malt whisky. Gordon had acquired the taste when his employers put in a new computer system for the Distillers Company. I now drink it when i can afford it from time to time. Islay malts with their peaty flavour are my favorites, plus Talisker from Skye but I will drink any Freemans :-) i am no expert. Do single casks really taste superior to cheaper malts?

Bill then introduced me to Belgian beer. IMO English beer is good to quench the thirst, but Belgian is for sipping and savouring. Here is what i brought back from Belgium.

Deugniet 7.3%
Petrus Goulden tripel 7.5%
Chimay Peres Trappistes Tripel 8%
Cookie 8%
Scotch Silly 8%
Vicaris Generaal 8.8%
Abbey - Abdij du Val - Dieu Triple 9%
Abbey - Abdij van Leffe 9%
Balthazar 9%
La Trappe Quadrupel 10%

The so called Amber Nectar can be put back in the billabong folks. Belgium is the beer capital of the world! I am due back there in December, D.V. for Presbytery and ......

Beer is proof that God loves us. --Benjamin Franklin

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