Wednesday, November 04, 2015

USA holiday 14

Monday 2nd November in the morning we went into town to the excellent Heinz Museum. The food king established his empire from here in the late 19th century. He was a good Methodist, caring for his workers so Heinz was strike free until 1927. But before the company’s part of the museum we first looked at the floor devoted to the British, French and Indian war. This settled North America as British not French. Zit was described as the first ever world war. next we looked at exhibits on the local glass industry and then a ’Slavery to Freedom’ exhibit. It was informative but sadly missed two vital facts. Europeans did not catch Africans to enslave them. They traded with the local Africans who had enslaved fellow Africans. Secondly there was no mention of the more prolonged, bigger trade of Muslim Arabs enslaving Africans from the east of the continent, not to mention north african Barbary Corsairs enslaving Europeans for five centuries. In the evening we had FaceTime with Debbie, newly arrived in Sacramento via Seattle

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