Saturday, December 19, 2009

Partying Presbyterians

This is for those who think Calvinists to be dour kill joys.

Lest the ladies wonder what men get up to. Lest they think we men are like the foolish Freemasons, men with secrets. Lest the brothers who did not come remain ignorant of what they missed. Lest Mr Cradock go un-thanked, Here is the Men's Party Report.

It was a night of mussels and meat in abundance. Caterer Cradock is so good I have booked him for the 2010 Valentine's party. He promised salmon. As to liquid refreshments, our Cokeaholic pastor observed, albeit not totally accurately, that it was the first church event with no soft drinks.

But it was not all about food and drink. There was serious games playing. Our fastest thing on two wheels proved he is our best Boy Racer on four virtual wheels too. Though it is whispered that it is his game. The advantage of game ownership did not apply to your correspondent who should have had a second advantage too playing Chronology. He must humbly bow to the superior historical knowledge of young Messrs Barnes and Patterson. Roll on next year to try and regain some pride, and perhaps imbibe some too.

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